Kai Weiss: “Transhumanism Is Not Libertarian, It’s an Abomination”

(note:Zoltan Istvan, founder of The Transhumanist Party, has announced as a Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of California in 2018. This article is a response to an article on Transhumanism by Mr Istvan previously published in The American Conservative)

Last week in TAC, Zoltan Istvan wrote about “The Growing World of Libertarian Transhumanism” linking the transhumanist movement with all of its features—like cyborgs, human robots and designer babies—to the ideas of liberty.… Read more ...

Reform Party Statement on UVA Situation


The situation at the University of Virginia reminds us that hate still exists in the country, and that no matter how far we move as a society, that the fringe right will stand against progress. The actions of Nazis, Neo-Confederates and Klansman in Virginia symbolize the worst in American politics, and showcases to the world the ignorance of a few.… Read more ...

Brian Shields: ‘Libertarian Party is the independent voice for NH’

Brian Shields at fosters.com by way of Cody Quirk at ATPR:

The recent events in Charlottesville have left me disgusted and ashamed. Our country is better than what was on display last week.

What was even more frightening to me was the echoed silence coming from many members of the Republican Party.… Read more ...

Former Libertarian, now fascist, Christopher Cantwell gathers national attention

Christopher Cantwell (SPLC file here), who tried but failed to get on the ballot as a Libertarian for US House in 2010, and has been kicked out of the Free State Project for threats of violence and off Free Talk Live for racism, has gathered unprecedented media attention in the last few days.… Read more ...

Green Party Places a Statewide Judicial Nominee on Pennsylvania 2017 Ballot

Ballot Access News:

Pennsylvania holds statewide partisan elections for judicial offices on November 7, 2017. Voters will be asked to vote for four candidates for Superior Court, which is a statewide office. The Green Party petitioned for Jules Mermelstein for that office, and submitted 4,300 signatures. The requirement for that office for general election petitions is 2,500.… Read more ...

C. J. Atkins at CPUSA’s People’s World: ‘Nazis fulfilling the promises of Donald Trump’

BY C.J. ATKINS at the CPUSA’s People’s World:

Nazis in Virginia: “Fulfilling the promises of Donald Trump”
A demonstrator marching in solidarity with the Charlottesville anti-racist activists holds a sign recalling the Woody Guthrie song, “All You Fascists Bound to Lose,” in Chicago on August 13. | Micah Uetricht / DSA Chicago

Usually when David Duke opens his mouth, you can count on the words that come out to be a lie.… Read more ...

LNC Meeting Kansas City, August 19-20, 2017


Libertarian National Committee (LNC) quarterly business meeting

Who: LNC and some staff. All Libertarian Party members welcome to observe the business meeting.

Live Broadcast: The LNC will attempt to stream the meeting live on the Internet. Be advised that broadcast quality has sometimes been low and intermittent. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/libertarian-party1

Chair’s Proposed Agenda



2017-18-19_LNC_Meeting_2016 Audit-Audited Financial Statements
2017-18-19_LNC_Meeting_2016 Audit-Board Disclosure Letter
2017-18-19_LNC_Meeting_2016 Audit-PostAudit-Financials-DRAFT1
2017-18-19_LNC_Meeting_Chairs Report

The following “Giant Printed Handout” contains a selection of the reports above.

Read more ...

West Virginia PSL: Honor anti-racist fighters, preserve legacy of John Brown

Smash white supremacy! Honor anti-racist fighters, preserve legacy of John Brown!

By West Virginia PSL

Statue of “Stonewall” Jackson in Charleston, West Virginia

Statement from West Virginia Branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

The West Virginia branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation wholeheartedly endorses and stands in solidarity with the call to remove all monuments to Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and any other Confederate sympathizers from public display in the state.… Read more ...

Mark Anderson: ‘We’re a Long Way from Liberty’

Mark Anderson at Freedom Gulch:

The current Libertarian Party infighting revolves around the debate over who best represents and markets libertarianism: radicals, minarchists, or moderates/pragmatists.

People, this isn’t the fight.

It may have been bad publicity for Arvin Vohra to publicly criticize certain members of the military, and a watered down libertarian message may do little to differentiate us between other political parties.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party to Missouri: Don’t execute Marcellus Williams

Via LP.org and email:

We oppose the administration of the death penalty by the state.

The Libertarian Party condemns the scheduled Aug. 22 execution of Marcellus Williams by the State of Missouri — both as a shocking miscarriage of justice for the individual and as another tragic example of the immorality that lies at the root of capital punishment and its use nationwide.… Read more ...

Open Thread for August, 2017

Here we go again–a new month is beginning. Here is a place to post anything that doesn’t fit into another thread. If you think IPR readers might be interested in something you have to share, post it here. Please make sure you don’t plagiarize anything or libel anyone, and you’ll probably be just fine.… Read more ...

Proposed California Constitutional Initiative to Stop Top Two Filed

Ballot Access News:

On August 11, Thomas E. Palzer and his organization Foundation to Stop Top Two filed a proposed constitutional initiative with the California Attorney General. Here is the text. It would return California to the system used between 2001 and 2010. Parties would again have their own nominees and their own primary ballots.… Read more ...