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Ron Paul Libertarian for U.S. Senate in Michigan

Scotty Boman, an active Ron Paul r3VOLutionary in the Detroit area and long-time Libertarian activist, will be seeking the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s nomination for U.S. Senate. The LPMI’s convention is June 7th in Romulus.

Boman has nearly universal name recognition in the Wolverine State, and not just because he’s run for statewide office at least three times prior to his Senate candidacy. As luck would have it, Boman shares his name with the renown hockey coach, Scotty Bowman, who led the state’s beloved Detroit Red Wings to three Stanley Cup victories.

Boman’s platform calls for ending the IRS and “replacing it with freedom;” ending the Fed’s “inflation tax” and restoring honest money; ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bringing home soldiers from all over the world; ending government marriage and supporting full equality for GLBT citizens; and opposing the PATRIOT Act, Real ID, and all unconstitutional agencies and programs. He hopes to capitalize on his fame within the state’s Ron Paul movement and build the Libertarian Party through his candidacy.


  1. Joey Dauben Joey Dauben February 24, 2009

    I’m going to blame the Libertarians if they pull enough votes away from an anti-Fairness Doctrine candidate in the general election.

    It’s become painstakingly clear that if there’s a “dangerous” incumbent Democrat running – for instance, Stanebow – the LP candidate could, in effect, give the race to the dangerous candidate.

    I know why LPers like the statewide races, but if I were a voter, why would I jump at the chance of giving a LP U.S. Senate candidate the time of day if there has not been so much as a record of local or state governance?

    That’s just me though…

  2. Paulie Paulie February 24, 2009

    Ron Paul is not a Senator, and I doubt he reads this board.

    He knows too much about money to be taken in by this “money from nothing” junk.

    Why not a free market in money? No need for governments to issue it.

    In fact, no need for governments.

  3. David David February 24, 2009

    Hi Senator Paul,
    I have been watching some of your items on You tube. I appreciate your candidness about the American economic and political situation. I would like to recommend to you a You Tube documentary that may contain some answers to the Amrerican and world financial dilemma.
    Watch “Money Masters” parts 1-22.
    It will give you a new perspective on the problem. Regards David Bartley,Sydney Australia.

  4. John P Slevin John P Slevin May 30, 2008

    Scotty is a true ally. Go Scotty!

  5. Jason_Gatties Jason_Gatties May 30, 2008

    I plan on being at the Convention to support Scottie.

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