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Augustson: Cheap gas an ‘election gimmick’

Press release from Alan Augustson, Green Party congressional candidate and former presidential hopeful:

Green Party Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson (IL, CD-05) called upon all Presidential and other candidates to back off from promises of lower gasoline prices.

“Cheap gas is over,” said Augustson, who will be seeking to unseat the powerful Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) in November.… Read more ...

Former Gravel campaign manager responds to anti-Kubby allegations

IPR has twice reported on allegations from inside the Gravel campaign that Steve Kubby “stabbed Gravel in the back” by endorsing Mary Ruwart after allegedly saying he would endorse Mike Gravel. Now the former Manhattan campaign manager for Mike Gravel, Dodge Landesman, has come out on the record refuting these allegations.… Read more ...

Nebraska dumps fair play

Apparently the American Legion Boys State hosted a debate today between the Republican and Democratic nominees for US Senate from Nebraska, and kept Steve Larrick from participating in the debate.

The Journal Star reports that Larrick and close to a dozen supporters protested outside the debate.

If you want to hear two corporate politicians go at it in a debate, you can listen here.… Read more ...

Connecticut Green candidate seeks Bush-Cheney impeachment

Connecticut’s Litchfield County Times reports that Fifth District U.S. House candidate Harold Burbank II “is calling on Congress to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney for waging an illegal war in Iraq.” Burbank said he decided to run as a Green after incumbent Democrat Chris Murphy “told him at a forum in New Britain last year that despite the Bush administration’s being the most impeachable regime in U.S.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: All prior LP nominees were not good candidates

When asked by Stephen Colbert why libertarians had traditionally voted for Republicans instead of the Libertarian Party, Bob Barr responded, “We haven’t had a good candidate,” but that he, Bob Barr, was a good candidate.

Barr himself, it should be noted, endorsed Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik in 2004.

Barr did nothing to disabuse Colbert or his national audience of the notion that libertarianism is a branch of conservatism, and in fact, he reinforced it.… Read more ...

American Independent Party convention

The American Independent Party, which is the Constitution Party’s affilliate in California, will be holding its state convention soon. As many third-party aficionados know, the AIP-CA is currently in the middle of a struggle over who to nominate as it’s presidential candidate, Alan Keyes or Chuck Baldwin. Richard Winger, over at Ballot-Access News has the scoop.… Read more ...

Libertarian runs for Congress against Republican dad

Francis M. Powers, a master carpenter and independent musician, will be seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for Congress in New York’s 13th district. If he makes it to the ballot, he will possibly face Francis H. Powers — his Republican father — in the November general election.

Francis H. “Frank” Powers is facing a tough primary opponent in Dr.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: ‘We must both reduce and simplify taxes’

In a press release issued today, Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Bob Barr calls for an overhaul of the federal tax system.

“We must both reduce and simplify taxes,” he adds. That could mean replacing the income tax with a consumption tax. It could mean a low, flat income tax. But, he emphasizes, “the bottom line is that taxes are too high and too complex.

Read more ...

Politico: A centrist third party would have most success

The Politico’s W. James Antle III has written an article surveying the diverse options voters will have for president in November — “more … than just John McCain and Barack Obama.” Antle says third-party candidates this year are “seeking to tap into discontent on the left and the right.”

Of the leading candidates on the left, he says:

[Ralph] Nader and [Cynthia] McKinney will both take up some progressives’ complaints that the Democratic Party has been too accommodating of corporations, too slow to end the war in Iraq and, believe it or not, too conservative.

Read more ...

Ralph Nader campaigns in Maine

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader will hold a news conference at First Parish Church, followed by a rally in Portland, Maine, tonight at 7:30. His speech will focus on energy policy and the War in Iraq.

Nader, then running as the Green Party nominee, received 6% of Maine’s popular vote in 2000.… Read more ...

Reaction to Barr on Colbert

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr appeared on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report last night.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution highlighted this exchange:

“What’s the difference between you and Ralph Nader other than you apparently own a comb?” Colbert asked, referencing the perennial third-party candidate who is running again as an independent.

“And the mustache,” the whiskered Barr offered right back.

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Correction: Baldwin to appear on Revolution Broadcasting, 7:30 p.m.

Earlier we reported that Chuck Baldwin would be appearing on Revolution Radio at 7:30 p.m. tonight. This was the information listed at the Baldwin campaign Web site. However, it has been called to our attention that the interview will actually take place on Revolution Broadcasting, not “Revolution Radio.”

Our apologies for any confusion.… Read more ...