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Libertarian VP candidate responds to allegations of fraud

Unsubstantiated reports originating from within the Libertarian Party say that Bob Barr’s running mate, Las Vegas gambling magnate Wayne Allyn Root, may soon be indicted on charges of fraud. Allegedly, there is an ongoing investigation into the sale of his last business.

Recently, IPR reported on the near-total absence of Root’s name from Bob Barr’s campaign Web site.… Read more ...

Mass. Libertarian leaves LP and starts new party

According to a source on the LNC, Jim Casarjian-Perry has left the Libertarian Party and filed paper work to create the Freedom Party (correction: Liberty Party) of Massachusetts.

Mr. Casarjian-Perry had been active in collecting signatures to get the Barr/Root ticket on the ballot, as late as June 8.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader courts Ron Paul supporters

The Boston Globe reports that Ralph Nader is campaigning for the votes of former Ron Paul supporters, now that the renengade libertarian Republican has formally ended his campaign for the presidency.

“Ron Paul was a lightning rod for millions of Americans against the war in Iraq and for the protection of personal liberties that the two major parties have turned their back on — by continuing to support the illegal criminal war and the Patriot Act,” said the Nader campaign.… Read more ...

Boston Globe on possible Ron Paul/Bob Barr ‘alliance’

From the Boston Globe:

You can see the beginnings of a possible alliance this fall between Ron Paul, who formally ended his Republican presidential bid Thursday night, and Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

Paul was the Libertarian nominee in 1988, and many of his supporters are libertarian-minded on economic and social issues.

Read more ...

LP: ‘Democrats work against gas price relief’

Press release:

Recent legislative efforts by Democrats work against reducing the price of gas for Americans

Washington, D.C. – While Americans are struggling to keep their vehicles fueled without breaking the bank, Democrats in Congress have promoted a string of legislation that would increase the cost of gas for consumers. “Americans are paying record prices for gas, and Democrats are working in the opposite direction of relief,” says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party commends Paul for opening ‘doors for liberty’

Press release:

Party says Paul fought an uphill battle for liberty in his quest for the GOP nomination

Washington, D.C. – Following the close of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, the Libertarian Party thanked Paul for all that he had done for liberty in his presidential bid. “Paul fought an uphill battle for liberty every day in his presidential campaign against all of the big-government juggernauts of the Republican Party,” says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.… Read more ...

Angela Keaton: ‘Anarchist Bitch’

LNC member and Liberated Space host Angela Keaton has started a new blog: Anarchist Bitch. She has decided to make all of her LNC correspondence public at the blog.

Her first post-convention blog entry alleges that Shane Cory manipulated fundraising results:

I was the second highest fund raiser last time.

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Modern Whig Party: ‘3,000 members and growing’

The Modern Whig Party says it now has 3,000 members and is growing. An IPR reader reports that the Modern Whigs will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Military Times newspaper.

The Modern Whig Party aims to be a centrist alternative to Democratic liberalism and Republican conservatism. Its Web site says the party is the “fastest growing mainstream political party” in the United States.… Read more ...

Ex-campus Clinton backers say McKinney more qualified than Obama

On its website, The Nation writes that in an e-mail message endorsing John McCain for president, University of Iowa Students for Hillary Clinton members Cody Eliff and Nikki Dziuban told disappointed Clinton supporters, “For those of you who just can’t stomach McCain, we suggest you look into Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party candidate.… Read more ...

Barkley: Ventura will run for Senate ‘if he feels like it’

Following up on his earlier Minnesota Post report, Doug Grow says ex-Sen. Dean Barkley won “that big Wednesday golf match” against ex-Gov. Jesse Ventura. “If you’ll recall,” Grow writes, “the winner of the match supposedly would NOT run for Senate as an Independent candidate against Republican Norm Coleman and DFLer Al Franken.… Read more ...

Nader likely to be on Colorado ballot

The Denver Post says Ralph Nader “is likely to be on the Colorado ballot for the presidential election in November.” His campaign announced Thursday that Nader has met the state’s requirements to be listed on the ballot as an independent. Colorado will be the fourth state where Nader has so far qualified for the ballot.… Read more ...

Texas LP convention this weekend

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the Libertarian Party of Texas will hold its convention in Fort Worth this weekend. Texas LP Executive Director Wes Benedict said about 125 people are expected to attend. Presidential nominee Bob Barr will address the meeting on Saturday.

The newspaper says third parties in the state “are required to have their state convention on the second Saturday in June.… Read more ...