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Chuck Baldwin’s Border Tour

Chuck Baldwin spent the last four days in southern California attending campaign events and speaking to the state convention of the American Independent Party of California. Wednesday night Baldwin addressed several hundred activists of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, which was covered by the Orange County Register.… Read more ...

George Phillies’ statement to Massachusetts State Committee

I first received this several weeks ago. At that time George asked me to hold off on posting it. I note it has now been published at Last Free Voice.

Phillies Statement to the Massachusetts State Committee
(Edited from the May LPMass Minutes)

Last week I spent eight days in scenic Denver at our libertarian party national convention.

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Steve Kubby: ‘States’ Rights’ is an anti-libertarian concept

at Last Free Voice. It may or may not have something to do with

The following is published with the permission of the author, Steve Kubby. Steve Kubby is, of course, a highly respected longtime Libertarian activist, a former candidate for Governor of California, and a popular 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate.… Read more ...

LP: Obama, McCain don’t get free passes on gun issue

Curiously, although the Gun Owners of America takes a much more hardcore position on the gun issue which is far more in line with the LP platform (yes, even after Portland and Denver), this press release quotes the much more milquetoastish, reliable Republican sycophants at the NRA instead. GOA created the F- category in its rating system specifically for John McCain.… Read more ...

Kubby celebrates an anniversary

I worked with Steve Kubby on his recent campaign for the LP Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations. Although we did not win, we came close to getting the VP nomination. In this letter to supporters, Steve talks about how far he has come and what he plans to do next. I know he has (or at least had) plans on seeking down-ticket political office in the future, although he does not discuss that here, and I haven’t talked to him about it lately.… Read more ...

American Independent Party convention, and national affilliation

It was previously reported that the American Independent Party of California was attempting to disafilliate from the Constitution Party and ally with Alan Keyes‘ fledgling America’s Independent Party. This disafiliation atempt was being led by Edward Noonan and 3 other state central committeemembers. Noonan argued that they were the only legitimate members of the state central committee and therefor the only people who could make the decision on affilliation with a national entity and on presidential nominations.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party marks Heller victory

June 30, 2008

We worked with Rich Heller on the DC LP ballot access drive in 2004. He stepped in and paid us, and also personally petitioned with us, after the DC LP had no one else up to the task.

Dear Libertarian,

Last week, we had a great victory in the battle to protect liberty in this country.

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Democrats Against Democracy strike again

The Democrats have been known for doing this all over the country. Mostly because they are not doing anything to serve the constituencies and interest groups they claim to represent. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting Democrats Against Democracy as a formal group. Here they are at work again in Maine:

Independent U.S.

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No challenges to presidential petitions in Illinois

Richard Winger has just reported that because of a strange quirk in Illinois election laws, the Constitution Party and New Party have both qualified to be on the ballot. Neither submitted enough petitions to actually achieve this, but no one challenged their petitions. The Libertarians and Ralph Nader’s petitions also remain unchallenged, but they had the neccesary signatures.… Read more ...

Alan Augustson pens global warming comic strip

Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 5th district, Alan Augustson, thinks that the only viable solutions to global warming involve “curbing our lifestyle.” He equates technology-based climate-change solutions with the idea of mating one’s way to virginity. We can’t consume our way out of a problem cause by consumption, reasons Augustson.… Read more ...

Bob Barr on front page of CNN.com

New Insights:

  • Barr says a GOP senator recently asked him to drop out of the presidential race.
  • The Barr campaign hopes to raise $40-45 million.

Preston on Politics: Barr says he’s no Nader

Bob Barr was once a loyal soldier in the Republican Party –­ a lawmaker GOP leaders could count on to return home each weekend and echo their talking points at local political events, town hall meetings and civic lunches.… Read more ...

California AIP switches national affiliation to new Keyes-backed party

It seems that the American Independent Party of California has decided to switch national affiliations from the Constitution Party to the newly formed America’s Independent Party.

Assuming this holds up, and that’s a big if, it means several things…

1. Alan Keyes will now be on the ballot in California and Chuck Badlwin will probably not be able to get a line.… Read more ...