Boston Tea Party Vice Chair Dr. Tom Stevens has resigned

Earlier this week, IPR reported on the controversy brewing within the Boston Tea Party surrounding a dispute between Vice Chair Tom Stevens and party founder Tom Knapp. Now, according to Todd Andrew Barrett, Dr. Stevens has resigned.

As of today, Saturday, June 7, 2008, national Vice Chair Dr. Tom
Stevens has officially resigned from the National Committee. National
Chairman Jim Davidson had blocked his messages, effectively suspending
his posting privileges as a result of his juvenile attacks on Tom
Knapp that were posted to the BTP’s website.

It has not been made official yet, but I am a contender for the Vice
Chair spot. If it goes through and I get elected by either the NatComm
or the membership, I’m in.

Yours in Liberty,

Todd Andrew Barnett

5 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party Vice Chair Dr. Tom Stevens has resigned

  1. bsharitt

    While I don’t think they have a chance of really making an impact as a political party, I do hope the Boston Tea Party survives this little snafu to at least be an effective advocacy outlet for smaller government.

  2. planetaryjim

    The notion that the actions of Tom Stevens in deliberately deleting a legitimate and lawful poll of the members to contest an action of the national committee is a dispute between him and Tom Knapp is mistaken. It was a dispute between the members of the Boston Tea Party who wanted their voices heard, and Tom Stevens who wanted to silence them.

    In commenting on his action, Stevens asserted that no “mere member” should be allowed to ever question any of his decisions as a “National Committee” member, his choice in capitalization. Obviously, his arrogance was poorly suited to a party of individuals seeking freedom.

    As a result of his action in deleting the poll and his call for the dissolution of the party and his threat to dissolve all the standing state affiliates, I asked him to resign. I believe his resignation was the best thing for the party.

  3. planetaryjim

    I note that Rocco Fama has informed the national committee that the Tennessee affiliate for the Boston Tea Party has disbanded. A short time later, Rocco resigned his seat on the national committee.

    The party is developing new affiliates in Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, and Florida.

    I have asked Todd Barnett to serve as vice chair, he has accepted, and I have placed the matter before the national committee for approval.

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