No challenges to presidential petitions in Illinois

Richard Winger has just reported that because of a strange quirk in Illinois election laws, the Constitution Party and New Party have both qualified to be on the ballot. Neither submitted enough petitions to actually achieve this, but no one challenged their petitions. The Libertarians and Ralph Nader’s petitions also remain unchallenged, but they had the neccesary signatures.

Today was the last day for anyone in Illinois to file an objection to a petition filed by an independent candidate, or the petition of a previously unqualified or new party. No one challenged any of the four petitions turned in for president. Those petitions were for the Libertarian, Constitution and New Parties, and Ralph Nader as an independent.

The Libertarian and Constitution Parties also have a candidate for U.S. Senate listed on their petitions. The Constitution statewide petition only has 300 signatures on it. However, under Illinois rules, that is enough, given that no one challenged.

The New Party turned in a petition form that had the top part filled out correctly, listing John Joseph Polachek as its presidential candidate. It listed no one for vice-president and no one for U.S. Senate. But because no one challenged, it is also now valid. Illinois law allows substitution, so if John Joseph Polachek does not wish to actually run for president, he and the substitution committee are free to choose someone else for president, and anyone they wish for vice-president.

The two Libertarian candidates for U.S. House were challenged, as was independent U.S. House candidate Allan Stevo.

The only other time the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate has been on the ballot was Howard Phillips in 1996. He recieved 7,606 votes.


9 thoughts on “No challenges to presidential petitions in Illinois

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Yes, they are definetly on the ballot. As is their Senate candidate, Chad Koppie.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    I doubt he has one yet,because he was EXTREMELY unlikely to get on the ballot–he submitted only 300 signatures.

  3. Jerry S.

    A little note to all unbelievers, the LORD works in mysterious ways, his wonders to behold!

    The CP just got access to over 2 million voters with 300 signatures. LOL! It makes me feel GOOD inside!
    Dr.BaldWIN still needs Ballot Access Signatures

    Volunteers needed in GA, PA, NY, NJ, VA, MA, WA, MN, WI, TN, MD, AL, LA, KY, IA, CT, WV, ME, NH, RI, WY & DC

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    Illinois, Hawaii, West Virginia and Vermont puts the estimate of 40 states very close.

    Peroutka got on 36 ballots in 2004, but none of the above. So if Baldwin gets on all the ones Peroutka got on, plus these (he’s already on all but WV, and they have 11,500 of the 15,000 needed)–he’s at 40.

    And Wisconsin, New York, and Massachussetts are all still in play.
    Though Pennsylvania may not make it.

  5. paulie cannoli

    MA will it make it unless CP runs out of money. They have a professional company doing the drive that is quite competent, as well as a petitioner who is getting big numbers by himself.

    They did get started last, so if they want to make sure they don’t fail, they may want to consider paying a little more so that petitioners put them on top on their boards rather than Nader.

    LP is done here and I’m leaving – so I’m not saying this out of self interest.

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