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Greenline interviews 1st elected Green in South Carolina

GreenLine Interview with Eugene Platt – First Elected Green in South Carolina

GL: Congratulations on being the first Green elected official in South Carolina. As a former Democrat, what attracted you to the Green Party?

EP: I have been leaning toward the Green Party for a while now. My son, Paul became very involved with the party when he moved to San Francisco about 10 years ago.… Read more ...

Greens in Florida

Normally a state Green Party chapter would be happy to have an extra $10,000 in the bank. The good folks in the Green Party of Florida are a bit concerned because that extra $10,000 came in the form of filing fees from five people unknown to the Florida Greens.

As noted in a comment on an earlier post, because of recent changes in state law put forward by the Republicans from that state, apparently anyone can run as a Green, even if the Green Party does not know them.… Read more ...

Stephen Williams interviewed on Minnesota Public Television

Stephen Williams, who recently received the endorsement of the Independence Party of Minnesota for Senate, was interviewed this past Friday on Almanac, a St. Paul based public affairs program. The six minute interview includes the soft-spoken Williams’ views on a national sales tax (which he believes will make American goods more competitive overseas and create a new stream of revenue from foreign goods sold here), corn ethanol (which he calls “an economic, humanitarian and environmental disaster”), and a brief pitch to Minnesotans to take advantage of the IP’s ballot-access and run for office.… Read more ...

Statement from AIP-CA chairman, Jim King

I just recieved a press release from the Constitution Party which cited the American Independent Party’s new chairman, Jim King, talking about Chuck Baldwin. Also, the amount of money raised during Baldwin’s five day trip to southern California.

“ Chuck Baldwin is the only presidential candidate who squares up on the issues most important to Americans”, noted newly-elected AIP state chairman Jim King.
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Libertarian Party, movement mourns passing of International Society for Individual Liberty President Vince Miller

I last saw Vince Miller at the LP National Convention in Denver. According to Tom Knapp, Vince got Valley Fever soon after Denver, although the doctors at first thought it was pneumonia. I am saddened that Vince is no longer with us.

Eric Garris writes at antiwar.com blog,

In lieu of cards or flowers those wishing to honor him are asked to contribute to Vince’s life cause, the International Society for Individual Liberty.

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Bob Barr tells America what ‘Libertarian’ means

Posted at LFV by Tom Knapp. I realize Tom writes here too, so I held off on posting it here, but I think enough time has elapsed. My apologies if Tom still meant to post it here himself.

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr, in an appearance yesterday morning on Fox News Sunday:

“[W]hat makes me a Libertarian is the fact that I deeply and truly believe in the Libertarian platform and what resonates with most Americans, and that is to shrink the size of the federal government.

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Robert Milnes: Request 100 Green signatures for GP presidential nomination

Quoth Robert Milnes:

Please forward to interested persons or groups. I have been informed that 100 signatures of Green Party members must be received as part of approval process for presidential candidates. With this email I request Green party members to consider supporting my candidacy by sending a letter of support to Presidential Campaign Support Committee.… Read more ...

Steve Newton: North Carolina ballot access and party registration = Demopublican fascism

The following is posted on Last Free Voice by ElfNinosMom; the author is Steve Newton.
These same types of major party shenanigans to marginalize independents and smaller parties even after they overcome massive ballot access hurdles take place in states all over the country.

I’m sure that Ryan McTeague Beckwith of the Raleigh News and Observer thought this was funny:

The number of registered Libertarians has more than doubled.

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Who are all the Libertarian candidates?

And where are they listed?

LP.org is not much help.

A few are here. Many more are not.

NC sent us a list (below). How about the other states? Please list your state lists of candidates – or links to such lists – in the comments!

Libertarians File List of 2008 Candidates

RALEIGH (June 30) — The race for North Carolina governor is now officially a three-person contest.

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