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Austin Cassidy cited in The Hill’s article on third-party candidates

“Dr. Death, Jesse the Body and the Peace Mom. Oh, my,” begins “Characters provide 3rd option“, an article published today in The Hill. “A colorful cast of characters is lining up for third-party congressional bids this cycle, and it’s begun to make noise in some of the top races in the country.”

IPR’s own Austin Cassidy was interviewed for the article:

The third-party presidential candidacies of Barr and Ralph Nader (I) could help in isolated instances, but they don’t generally cause a rise in interest in third-party candidates, said Austin Cassidy [in reference to the notion that Bob Barr could help down-ballot Libertarians], publisher of the website Independent Political Report.

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1912: The most exciting presidential election in American history

In 1912, the sitting president — William Howard Taft — finished third in both the popular- and electoral-vote tallies. A former president, Theodore Roosevelt, led an insurgent new third-party movement, the Progressive or “Bull Moose” Party, which elected numerous legislators across the nation and led T.R. to a second-place finish, winning six states and 27.4% of the popular vote.… Read more ...

Wes Benedict urges Libertarians to help retire Mary Ruwart’s debt

Libertarian Party of Texas Executive Director Wes Benedict, who now writes for Last Free Voice, has posted a challenge to Libertarians to help retire Mary Ruwart’s debt. Dr. Ruwart, who led on the fifth ballot but eventually lost to Bob Barr on Ballot #6, spent approximately $20,000 in her pursuit of the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, and remains roughly $6,000 in the red.… Read more ...

Cynthia McKinney announces her VP pick

Green Party presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney has reportedly selected hip-hop activist Rosa Clemente as her running mate. The Zentronix blog broke the story, and Ms. Clemente’s Web site confirms it.

Rosa Clemente was born and raised in the South Bronx, birthplace of hip-hop music and culture. She has degrees from the University of Albany and Cornell University.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party adds affiliates, endorses candidates

From the Boston Tea Party

POC Thomas L. Knapp


CYBERSPACE — The Boston Tea Party, America’s new libertarian political alternative, is on the move. Since the beginning of June, the Internet-based political party has nominated a presidential ticket, chartered affiliate parties in eight states, and is now in the process of endorsing candidates in states where it lacks its own down-ticket ballot access.… Read more ...

Ventura will reveal Senate decision next week

Even though the Independence Party of Minnesota has endorsed Stephen Williams for U.S. Senate, that doesn’t mean that former governor Jesse Ventura is out of the race. He recently told the Associated Press that he would announce his plans on Tuesday, July 15.

Earlier, it was expected that the Minnesota Independence Party would nominate either Ventura or Dean Barkley — whom Ventura, as governor, appointed to the U.S.… Read more ...