Jesse Ventura speaks out on two-party system, Libertarians, Ron Paul, on Al Jazeera interview

Potential Minnesota Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Jesse Ventura, was interviewed by Al Jazeera on April 9.

In the interview, he says of the two major parties: “They’ve turned the whole business of elections into panhandling and bribery,” and “These two parties now have America $9 trillion in debt.” Ventura says people who work their entire lives to leave something for their children are actually just leaving an inheritance that will be seized by government to service the national debt.

One remedy Ventura sees for crushing the “two-party dictatorship” is the inclusion of None of the Above as an electoral option at all levels. Ventura says he believes NOTA would win many races across the country. He also said a “wasted vote” is when you don’t vote your heart or vote your conscience. Ventura mentioned a Larry King poll that said 88% of respondents, of which there were more than 15,000, said Jesse Ventura should be running for president.

In describing himself as a “small-l libertarian,” Ventura says this of Libertarian Party members: “I found out that the capital-L Libertarians are anarchists, they don’t believe there’s any role for government at all. And I certainly believe there’s a role for government, I just believe it should be far more limited than what it is. I’m fiscally conservative, but I’m socially liberal.”

The first question from a caller was in reference to Ron Paul. Ventura said: “I’m very familiar with Ron Paul. I think he’s probably the best candidate I could find with either of those two parties that were running,” and “The media didn’t give Ron Paul a fair shake.” Ventura said he admired Ron Paul’s answer to a question about the Benazir Bhutto assassination, when Paul said it was none of the U.S.’s business.

Of the border fence: “When it’s built, I’m going to climb it the opposite way” in protest. “I want pepole to wake up to the fact that a fence today to keep people out, might be a fence to keep people in ten years from now. And I don’t want to live in East Berlin.” Ventura, who spends most of his time in Baja, Mexico, says “the Mexican people — these brown-skinned people we’re so terrified of — I find them remarkable.”

Ventura was also critical of the “chicken hawks” who “duped” us into the Iraq War. He said the Democrats lacked courage to get us out of Iraq, for which they were elected in 2006. “The war is about oil,” Ventura said. “Anyone who tells you anything different is wrong — it’s about oil and oil alone.”

You can view the interview in its entirety below:

8 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura speaks out on two-party system, Libertarians, Ron Paul, on Al Jazeera interview

  1. Steve LaBianca

    So, even though anarchists by and large realize that the goal of eliminating government is a LONG way off and generally, as a strategy support reducing government incrementally, Ventura avoids the LP? This is not a believable reason, IMO.

  2. Mike Theodore

    The problem is with alot of anarchists is they may acknowledge that you need to reduce government before bringing to the table elimination, they just refuse it. Someone can’t say something partially libertarian in the party without a dozen people calling you a commie or something.

  3. Deran

    ““Al Jazeera, which is Arabic for ‘the jazeera’…”
    – Jon Stewart”

    A) Jon Stewart is a tedious, pompous half-wit.

    B) There is thing called the internet? And when you use it, you can find things out. Like “Al Jaazera” is a colloquialism that literally refers to “peninsula” which Qatar (pronounced Katar) is, a peninsula.

    C) Ventura is absolutely right on abt the southern border wall. If we weren’t such obsessive monolinguals in this country, Spanish wouldn’t frighten so many people.

    I think it’s better for Ventura to run for Senate, I’ll contribute (even though I am far to his left), as a Senator he would be in a great position to then run for president as a very serious candidate.

    D) Maybe Ventura is a libertarian socialist like me? (LOL), I mean, libertarian socialism has a much longer history than libertarian capitalism, as both a philosophy and movement.

  4. JimDavidson

    This story on Ventura is very interesting. He seems like he would be for a smaller government. And his point about the border fence is one that I have agreed with for many years.

    Strange that Americans don’t remember the Iron Curtain or the Berlin Wall.

  5. darren

    Ventura’s obviously a self-promoter (wrestling days die hard), but like him there are millions of small “l” libertarians who have been turned off by the LP’s absolutism for years. Barr’s candidacy and the self-purging of some of those anarchists Ventura mentioned will hopefully make the LP an attractive vehicle for people like Paul and Ventura to push the small government agenda in future elections.

  6. cbennett

    Im not an anarchist but I feel that I have already been purged from the LP because of who I am friends with within the party. I am just not a good enough conservatarian for the purgers!

  7. G.E. Post author

    deran – Ron Paul is far, far more radical than Bob Barr. Ron Paul is against the initiation of force. Bob Barr is not. If you support the “purge” then you support fraud and graft, which are the bases by which this purge is being conducted. i.e. the tools of the state.

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