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New Jersey Presidential filing closes, Constitution Party status in question

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Petitioning candidates for president who filed by the July 28 New Jersey deadline are Bob Barr, Roger Calero, Gloria La Riva, Cynthia McKinney, Brian Moore, and Ralph Nader. Also someone named Jeffrey Boss of Guttenberg, New Jersey, filed under the “Vote Here” Party label. His vice-presidential running-mate is Andrea Maria Boss.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Expects to be on Most Ballots Since 1980

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The Prohibition Party expects to be on the ballot for president in these six states this year: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. That is modest, but it will be the most since 1980, when it was on in eight states for president.… Read more ...

Uncertainty on Whether One Arkansas Legislative Race Will Have Only a Green on the Ballot

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Richard Carroll, Green Party nominee for the Arkansas state house, 39th district, still doesn’t know if he will be the only name on the November ballot or not. The Democratic Party of Arkansas had disqualified its nominee, Dwayne Dobbins, after he won the May 2008 primary.… Read more ...

Kentucky Secretary of State Reverses Stance on Whether Landham Can be on as Independent

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Unfortunately, on July 29, the Kentucky Secretary of State retracted his ruling that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky could choose to have Sonny Landham on the November ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate instead of as a Libertarian. Now the choices are either: (1) the party can submit its petition in early August and have Landham listed as a Libertarian; (2) the party can submit its petition in the middle of August, which will mean that the petition will only be valid for president and vice-president, but not U.S.… Read more ...

The potential impact of smaller parties on the general election: what polling data shows

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I’ve just done a state-by-state run of most of the more recent polls, and I have excerpted general results below.

I have learned several things by doing this.

1) Adding actual third-party names (Barr, Nader, etc.) as Zogby does, really changes the response pattern. Not only did it break out that Other category, in many cases it caused a dramatic shift in the Obama-McCain numbers at serious odds with other polls.

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Republicans worried about impact of Texas Libertarians on elections

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There are 173 Lone Star Libertarians running for office this election season.

One way you can tell that the LPT is doing well is by the fund-raising numbers:

The Libertarian Party of Texas (LPT) has reported $81,765.81 in contributions for the first six months of 2008. That is up from $54,204.57 for the first six months of 2007, and $55,454.24 for the first six months of 2006.

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Libertarian and other Parties: West Virginia update

Posted by Andrew Davis on the LP National blog

It’s been more than 36 hours since my plane landed in West Virginia and I began volunteering with the Barr campaign’s ballot access drive. Though coming to the end of my second day, it’s already been an interesting experience in a state traditionally dominated by Democrats and with a history that makes its residents wary of the capitalism of mine bosses and exploitive coal companies.

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Peace and Freedom Convention this Weekend – Four Candidates, including McKinney and Nader stand-off

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The State Convention for Peace and Freedom Party will convene on Saturday, August 2 and 3 at the Hawthorn Suites, 321 Bercut Drive, Sacramento California. At the convention Brian Moore, Gloria La Riva, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney will be seeking the Peace and Freedom Party’s presidential nomination.

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Candidates at the Green Party US Presidential forum


Kat Swift, Texan Green, reminds us that “We are the change we seek” in her introductory remarks at the 2008 Green Party National Convention Presidential Candidate Forum in Chicago, IL on Friday, September 11.

With Cynthia McKinney taking the nomination, Swift sets her mind on her next race, and it is a race she has a great chance at winning in her town of San Antonio, which is no cow-pokin’ town.

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Libertarians help San Francisco prostitution decriminalization measure get national publicity

Posted by Starchild on LP Radicals Yahoo group. Starchild is an activist with the San Francisco LP.

Most prominently, as many of you know, Carol Leigh (aka Scarlet
Harlot) was on the Bill O’Reilly show. Unfortunately he did not give
her much time to address the issue, as she had to spend most of the
scant time he let her talk during the segment trying to counter his
insistence on regulation.

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Green Party to antiwar Americans: don’t waste your vote on Obama

Green Party press release.

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders said today that antiwar voters will not get an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by voting for presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama on Election Day.

Green leaders urged Americans who oppose the wars started by the Bush Administration with bipartisan support in Congress to vote instead for Green nominee Cynthia McKinney, running mate Rosa Clemente, and Green congressional candidates.… Read more ...

Alabama shuts out all non-presidential independents and smaller parties; lawsuit in the works

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Alabama is almost certain to be the only state with no independent or minor party candidates on the ballot this year, for any federal or state office other than president. On July 18, an independent candidate for Governor of North Dakota began circulating his petition. North Dakota had been the only other state in which it was possible that there would be no minor party or independent candidates, but it now seems very likely that North Dakota will have DuWayne Hendrickson on the ballot as an independent for Governor, along with his running mate, Dana Brandenberg, for Lieutenant Governor.… Read more ...