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Ralph Nader: Obama running for Bush’s third term

In a recent CNN interview with Rick Sanchez, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader concurred with a Wall Street Journal editorial in saying that Barack Obama is “running for Bush’s third term.” Nader says that Obama’s positions are “congenial to corporate America” and instead of “talking white,” of which Nader has accused him, or “talking black,” Obama should be “talking justice.” He pointed out that Obama is receiving more corporate money for his presidential run than any other candidate in U.S. history.

When asked if Obama was merely moving to the center in order to have a better chance of winning a national election, Nader said that this was the failed strategy of Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry, and that Clinton “only won because of Ross Perot” — an interesting argument for the man so often accused of being a “spoiler” and allowing Bush to win in 2000.

Video of Nader’s interview can be viewed here.


  1. ronpaulfan ronpaulfan July 14, 2008

    Somewhere down the line, Ralph Nader fell off his rocker… It’s all about him now and not about his issues.

    Nader’s a damn joke to me, Chuck baldwin is better.

  2. Anti-Corporate Anti-Corporate July 7, 2008

    It was great to see Nader and Barr both on CNN Newsroom last night. I’m sending Rick Sanchez positive feedback and suggesting that he have Nader and Barr on together again–to debate!! He gave them both open invitations to come back anytime!

  3. thearmyranger31 thearmyranger31 July 7, 2008

    Somewhere down the line, Ralph Nader fell off his rocker… It’s all about him now and not about his issues.
    check out an up-and-coming political movement!

  4. m.e. m.e. July 7, 2008

    When are the Democrats going to wake up and take responsibility for their losses? A Democrat has not won more than 50% of the vote since 1976 (post watergate). And now they should be polling a landslide and they are not. The fact is third parties do exist, they have always existed, deal with it. What’s the matter? When they get too popular, they have to get taken down or something?

  5. tlay tlay July 7, 2008

    It won’t be a beautiful day for Obama supporters if people actually listen to what Nader says. Although his off the cuff remarks can easily be dismissed and some say that he is irrelevant he knows how to grab headlines ever since the Corvair book. He’s a tool to no corporate interests. His is a tool to his ego as it is in a constant battle with his ‘interest for the public good’.

    For Obama to be linked to Dukakis is a bad bad premise. Most of the people who are for Barack probably don’t even know who he is. He was at one time the front runner and a shoe in to beat Bush 1 and ended up getting beat in a landslide. I don’t know if the comparison is fair…but we have a long ways to go.

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