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Ron Paul speaks out on Barr and Baldwin

While being interviewed on CNN by Wolf Blitzer, Ron Paul was asked if he would consider endorsing Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr. Here is what Dr. Paul said:

“I think [Bob Barr] is running a very important race, and I’m encouraging him. I haven’t endorsed him, but he’s saying the kind of things I like to hear said, and I hope he does real well.”

But Paul was quick to add: “But we also have Chuck Baldwin, who runs on the Constitution Party.… Read more ...

Michigan U.S. House candidate Kevorkian tells people to not vote

Michigan’s Troy Eccentric reports, “Jack Kevorkian’s strategy for getting elected to Congress may be unique in American politics. ‘Don’t register and don’t vote,’ he told a group of about a dozen persons who came to hear him speak Thursday evening at the Troy Community Center. So if no one registers or votes, how will he get elected?… Read more ...

Green McKinney to hit Michigan over Labor Day weekend

The AP reports Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney “plans to spend much of the Labor Day weekend campaigning in Michigan. The state party announced the trip Friday. McKinney has Detroit area events planned for August 30 through Sept. 1.”… Read more ...

Indecision 2008 on Barr’s stand-up performance

Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 blog covers Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr’s “pretty nifty performance” at the Stu Bykofsky Candidates Comedy Night in Philadelphia. The blog says, “To his credit, he actually didn’t do half bad. I’m sure McCain would be pretty happy if Bob Barr dropped out to pursue his new love of stand-up.”… Read more ...

Libertarian Cole at 4% in North Carolina U.S. Senate race poll

A TelOpinion Research poll of 600 likely North Carolina voters conducted August 14-17 (+/- 4.2%) finds Libertarian Chris Cole polling at four percent in the U.S. Senate race. Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole leads Democrat Kay Hagan by three points, 44% to 41%.… Read more ...

Libertarian Barr strong in 10 battleground states

Zogby polling on the presidential race in 10 key states that included Libertarian Bob Barr and independent Ralph Nader along with the Democratic and Republican candidates showed Barr polling at least five percent in nine of the states, and above 10% in two, while Nader failed to top three percent in any of the states:

  • Colorado: Barr 8%, Nader 2%
  • Florida: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • Michigan: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • Nevada: Barr 10%, Nader 3%
  • New Hampshire: Barr 11%, Nader 1%
  • New Mexico: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • North Carolina: Barr 3%, Nader 2%
  • Ohio: Barr 8%, Nader 1%
  • Pennsylvania: Barr 5%, Nader 3%
  • Virginia: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • Read more ...

    PSL candidates protest Saddleback Forum

    In addition to the Bob Barr campaign’s McCain-Feingold challenge to Saddleback Church’s presidential forum, another third party took issue with the event while applying a different strategy against it.

    Gloria La Riva, the Party for Socialism and Liberation‘s presidential nominee joined two local PSL candidates (Lucilla Esguerra and Sergio Farias) and at least 300 other activists in protesting the forum, calling the demonstration a protest of the war and a defense of workers rights:

    While the bourgeois candidates hobnobbed with reactionaries in the church, a truer expression of the political process was raging outside.

    Read more ...

    America’s Independent Party updates

    According to its website, America’s Independent Party, formed by Alan Keyes following his Constitution Party convention loss to Chuck Baldwin, has held its national convention and nominated Alan Keyes for President. Nomination of its presumptive vice-presidential candidate, American Right to Life President Brian Rohrbough, was tabled until the courts resolve whether Keyes would remain on the American Independent Party‘s California ballot line.… Read more ...

    Gay newspaper skeptical about Barr’s evolution on DOMA

    The Washington Blade, a gay-themed publication, runs a story on Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr under the headline “From Public Enemy No. 1 To Gay Rights Advocate?” The article is skeptical of the claim. It focuses primarily on Barr’s sponsorship of the Defense of Marriage Act in Congress and his current desire to repeal part of the law.… Read more ...

    Nevada poll: Barr 3%, Nader 2%

    A Reno Gazette-Journal poll of 600 likely Nevada voters conducted August 18-20 (+/- 4%) has Libertarian Bob Barr at three percent in the presidential race, and independent Ralph Nader at two percent. Both candidates could impact the overall outcome, since Barack Obama leads John McCain by just one point, 44% to 43%.… Read more ...

    Green VP candidate Clemente talks with Vibe.com

    Vibe.com runs a question-and-answer feature with Green vice presidential nominee Rosa Clemente that runs more than 2,500 words. Asked how she became the nominee, Clemente said presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney “called me on July 5th. It happened very quick. I didn’t hesitate because that’s just my personality. But by the time I got to the convention in Chicago, it was such a whirlwind.… Read more ...

    Libertarian, Reform candidates register in Kansas polls

    A SurveyUSA poll of 641 likely Kansas voters (+/- 3.9%) found five percent backing Libertarian U.S. Senate nominee Randall Hodgkinson, and two percent supporting Reform Party candidate Joseph Martin. Incumbent Republican Pat Roberts leads Democrat Jim Slattery 58% to 31%.

    In the First U.S. House District, 562 likely voters (+/- 3.5%) gave two percent to Reform Party candidate Kathleen Burton and two percent to Libertarian Jack Warner.… Read more ...