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Organization launches to aid ‘liberty-minded’ independent candidates

The Independent Candidate Action Network, or I CAN, is a newly created organization designed to train independents and help them in their elections. They claim to “provide all the benefits of political organization without the burden and corruption of political parties.”

The organization seems to have been started by Robert Butler, a man who has worked for Libertarians, Republicans, and Independents. He says that, “”Real change for liberty needs to come from the bottom-up in a grassroots network, not top-down through a party.”

I CAN is trying to provide a comprehensive network to provide for all of the needs of an independent candidate. This will include seminars on various subjects, vendors, consultants, candidates, and even voters. So far, I CAN has over 170 members, including 7 candidates.… Read more ...

LP’s Barrett reportedly facing domestic violence charges

According to Eric Dondero’s Libertarian Republican blog, 9/11 Truther and Libertarian Party congressional nominee Kevin Barrett is facing charges of domestic violence. Barrett allegedly struck his 13-year-old son.

Kevin Barrett — who supports Social Security, single-payer health care, and anti-trust legislation — beat out Libertarian Ben Olson III in the Wisconsin primary, his campaign calling the 332-227 victory a “landslide.”

In response to the domestic violence charges, Barrett’s campaign alleges that Barrett’s wife made up the incident in an effort to get more publicity for her husband.… Read more ...

Reason’s Weigel: IPR’s ‘teargas-choked air’

In saying that the uproar over Snubgate has not cost Bob Barr much, Reason‘s Dave Weigel referred to IPR and its “teargas-choked air,” linking to a story about LP spokesman Andrew Davis’s questionable statement that “Barr will not be removed” from the ballot.

Weigel also reports that Barr is representing a gun dealer in a libel suit against Michael Bloomberg.… Read more ...

Proposed LNC motion expresses ‘disappointment’ with Ron Paul; invites endorsement of Barr/Root

As reported earlier, the LNC is in a deadlock between two resolutions responding the Snubgate. Mary Ruwart’s resolution would apologize to Ron Paul, whereas party Treasurer Aaron Starr’s resolution expresses “disappointment” in Paul, insults the other third-party candidates, and “invites” Paul to endorse Barr/Root.

Below is the text of the Starr motion:

The Libertarian National Committee is disappointed to learn that you have recently urged those in the freedom movement to vote for the likes of Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Chuck Baldwin, none of whom truly grasp the meaning of Liberty.

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Steven Porter, independent in PA’s 3rd, appeals court decision to kick him off of the ballot; case goes to state Supreme Court

On September 9, Dr. Steven Porter – running to represent Pennsylvania’s 3rd district in the US Congress – announced that his attorney had filed an appeal to a Senior Commonwealth Court Judge’s decision to throw him off of the ballot. The appeal is based mostly on two facts: one, the judge stated in his decision that the signatures were valid but they coudn’t be counted because Porter had filled in the address of some of them, and two, the similar case of Dow v.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party spokesman: ‘Barr will not be removed’

George Phillies, who will be one of two Libertarians on the New Hampshire ballot unless a lawsuit throws him off, says that “the notion that the [LPHQ] staff should not involve itself in party politics, dead since Mr. [Shane] Cory used the front page of the April LP News to shill for the candidate who later hired him for his campaign, has taken another lethal wound.”

This, in response to an e-mail Phillies says he received from LP spokesman Andrew Davis saying there is “no truth” to the claims made in a WikiNews article about the possibility of Barr’s removal.… Read more ...

Libertarian Reform leader tells Paul supporters to check out CP platform

Writing for his own Libertarian Intelligence, Libertarian Reform leader Brian Holtz says, “some fans of Paul’s Campaign For Liberty are reportedly considering voting for the Constitution Party nominee instead of the Libertarian nominee … but many Ron Paul fans may not have read the lengthy CP Platform in its entirety.”

Holtz singles out the following passages from the CP platform:

  1. This great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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State Employees union endorses Pollina

Independent Vermont Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina secured the endorsement of the Vermont State Employees Association Saturday, in what the Burlington Free press characterized as a blow against his Democratic opponent, Gaye Symington:

The union, which represents about 8,000 state workers, cited Pollina’s work on labor issues as an activist, as well as specific support he’s offered this year as the Douglas administration launched efforts to cut 400 state jobs through attrition.

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Progressive House candidate discusses time in Iraq

Thomas Hermann, Progressive Party candidate for Vermont’s At Large House seat, was recently profiled in the Rutland Herald. Hermann talks about his time as a soldier in Iraq, and how he came to oppose a war he enlisted for after being swayed by claims of weapons of mass destruction:

“I thought we were bringing democracy to a nation that wanted it,” he said.

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