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Snubgate: A recap of IPR’s coverage concerning Bob Barr’s no-show and the subsequent fall-out

Day One

  1. Barr ‘embarrasses LP’ by no-show at Ron Paul press event
  2. Libertarians left out of third-party consensus: Anti-war, pro-privacy, anti-debt, anti-Fed
  3. Shane Cory to Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty: ‘Go F**k Yourself’
  4. Barr says he shows ‘leadership’ in dissing Ron Paul
  5. Barr didn’t want to be on stage ‘with people like McKinney’
  6. Bob Barr’s national field director attacks Ron Paul on MySpace blog
  7. Campaign for Liberty official says he’s ‘never seen Dr. Paul so angry’ over Barr’s back-out
  8. Charles Jay endorses Campaign for Liberty’s four-point platform
  9. LP blog asks supporters to ‘consider the facts and not rely on blogs for your news’
  10. Ron Paul press conference on Nader’s YouTube channel

Day Two

  1. LP of Mass. elector withdraws support for substitution, could cost Barr ballot access
  2. World’s most widely read libertarian Web site condemns Barr, Libertarian Party
  3. Barr campaign manager: ‘Bush showed incredible leadership’, criticizes Ron Paul and followers
  4. Movement afoot to remove Barr/Root from LP ticket
  5. Gregory: Bob Barr campaign digs deeper hole; Woods: Verney’s statement ’sheer stupidity’
  6. Adam Kokesh relays his experience at the National Press Club
  7. The Libertarian Party speaks out against third-party unity
  8. David Nolan: ‘The Barr campaign is over;’ support Munger, Straus instead

Day Three and Beyond

  1. Snubgate goes mainstream: WaPo says Barr went ‘hog wild’
  2. ‘Realignment’ of American politics against the ‘war-party duopoly’ doesn’t include LP
  3. Motion to remove Barr as LP nominee has been written
  4. ‘Snubgate’ hits WikiNews
  5. Will Barr’s campaign manager be fired?
  6. Socialist Worker condemns Nader, McKinney for appearance with Paul
  7. LNC efforts to address ‘Snubgate’ in a deadlock
  8. Libertarian Party spokesman: ‘Barr will not be removed’
  9. Proposed LNC motion expresses ‘disappointment’ with Ron Paul; invites endorsement of Barr/Root
  10. Reason’s Weigel: IPR’s ‘teargas-choked air’
  11. Bob Barr ‘Too Big for His Libertarian Britches’