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Live streaming and moderator set for debate between Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader

According to an email from the Baldwin campaign,

The City Club of Cleveland debate, moderated by Dan Moulthrop of Cleveland’s PBS radio and television stations, will be streamed live by ideastream (http://www.wviz.org/).

CSPAN will tape the debate for later showing, and it will also be live on public access cable in Cleveland.… Read more ...

Green Party candidate for Congress polling near 10%

The Green Party’s candidate to represent Illinois’s 11th Congressional district, Jason Wallace, is polling at 9% in a recent SurveyUSA poll. Wallace is a political newcomer and veteran of the war in Iraq. He has previously polled at about 5%. His Democratic opponent is at 50% and the Republican is at 37%, with the seat being vacated by a Republican incumbent this year.… Read more ...

Reason Magazine: Who’s Getting Your Vote?

As Campaign 2008 entered its home stretch, Reason Magazine asked a variety of policy wonks, journalists, thinkers, and other public figures to reveal for whom they are voting this fall, for whom they pulled the lever the last two times around, whether this is the most important election in their lifetimes, what they’ll miss most about the Bush administration, and which past president they’d most like to have waterboarded.… Read more ...

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette issues strong endorsement of Green Party State House District 39 candidate Richard Carroll

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch.

Although the Green Party candidate Richard Carroll is the only candidate on the ballot, and the newspaper notes that clearly, nonetheless the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s endorsement of Richard Carroll for the Arkansas State Legislature is a big deal. The paper admits the decision was easy since he was the only one on the ballot, but goes on to state “…we’re not so sure we wouldn’t be endorsing Richard Carroll today even if the Democrats and Republicans had fielded candidates.”


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Time and place set for debate between Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader

As IPR already reported, there will be another debate between the alternative Presidential candidates who are listed on enough state ballots to win the election, to take place tomorrow.

On October 30, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin will debate each other at the Cleveland (Ohio) City Club, between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm.… Read more ...

Socialist Presidential candidate Brian Moore on Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert Report

H/T Ballot Access NewsRead more ...

It’s official: Ron Paul endorses Bob Bird for U.S. Senate

From Ron Paul:

To Alaska, please

Subject: Please support Bob Bird for Senate

Dear Friend:

As I’m sure you know, Senator Ted Stevens was this week found guilty of corruption. With national Republicans, including John McCain and Sarah Palin, calling for Steven’s resignation, his re-election bid appears lost. However, defenders of Liberty like you and I cannot sit idly by and allow big government liberal and Harry Reid disciple Mark Begich to waltz right into the Senate for the next six years.… Read more ...

John Murphy, independent for Congress in PA’s 16th, asks for help

In a recent email to his supporters, independent congressional candidate John Murphy made a desperate plea for help. He is trying to put out newspaper ads to reach 106,000, radio ads, and automated calls to reach 50,000 voters, he said. And it would all cost $8,000, with close to $0 currently in the bank.… Read more ...

Minor party candidates in Washington, D.C.

If you notice any errors, please list them in the comments. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments. If you want to compile a list for your own state, please post it in the comments. You can view the complete list of Wyoming candidates here, at the Secretary of State’s website.… Read more ...

Barr, Nader, and Baldwin set to debate in Ohio

I’ve recieved a slew of emails about a debate that Barr’s campaign is setting up Thursday, October 30th, in Ohio. Barr, Nader, and Baldwin have all tentatively confirmed their willingness to appear. No real news on who is behind the debate, what sort of media coverage it will garner, or why McKinney isn’t going to be there.… Read more ...

Ohio candidate for AG lauds ‘programs to support homeowners’

Independent candidate for Ohio Attorney General Robert Owens praised voluntary programs to help homeowners being foreclosed upon in a press release today. He mentioned his experience as a pro bono prosecutor and attacked the Democrat for proposing excessive government intervention.

The press release is posted below:

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Attorney General candidate Robert Owens released a
statement today supporting the Franklin County Homeowner Helpline as a
leading program to assist Ohioans facing foreclosure.
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Howard Zinn sort of un-endorses Obama, kind of endorses Nader

In an interview with the Real News, Howard Zinn recently told people to vote for Barack Obama because of the “lesser of two evils” argument.

However, Zinn has now kind of retracted that. Here’s the email from the Nader for President campaign:

The famous historian lives in Massachusetts, where Obama is ahead by 20 points.

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