Barkley launches television spot

Minnesota Independence Party U.S. Senate nominee Dean Barkley “began airing his first — and likely only — TV ad of the campaign Thursday,” the AP reports. Barkley “employed Minneapolis adman Bill Hillsman in the hopes of recapturing Hillsman’s success in commercials he crafted for former Gov. Jesse Ventura and the late Sen. Paul Wellstone.” In the spot, a “leather jacket-clad Barkley” is “flanked by cardboard cutouts” of rivals Sen. Norm Coleman and Al Franken on top of pedestals. Barkley says, “I don’t need two guys from New York to tell me why the middle class is angry. I know why. I’m one of you.” He then knocks over the pedestals.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says an NBC News/Mason Dixon poll this week has Barkley at 12 percent, with 10 percent undecided, while a Rasmussen poll has Barkley at 14 percent, with four percent undecided. Coleman had a slim lead over Franken in both polls despite the Democratic ticket’s lead in the state.

Barkley and Ventura were interviewed on GCN Live’s Alex Jones Show.

22 thoughts on “Barkley launches television spot

  1. Gladly Anon

    [quote]Does Barkley believe 9/11 was an inside job?[/quote]

    It really doesn’t matter in the least since facts support both arguments, but if Barkley’s smart he won’t mention it.

    Still, please look at the more relevant issues.

  2. G.E.

    Does Barkley believe 9/11 was an inside job?

    Unlikely, since the evil Barkely was the deciding vote FOR Homeland Security.

    The man should be hanged or at the very least exiled for his crimes.

  3. ModernWhig

    G.E. I will say this as nicely as I can. People can have different views on what Freedom means. You do not own the trademark to it. People can be different without you calling for their death

  4. G.E.

    Modern Whig: I’ll say this nicely — Fuck off and die. That’s what you can do if you think voting for Homeland Security is an acceptable definition of “freedom.” Stop stealing my money, you child murdering parasite.

  5. G.E.

    Death is the penalty to be paid for treason. That’s the Constitution that you swore to defend but don’t. Isn’t that treason?

  6. ModernWhig

    GE you are being obnoxious. All I said was that people have different views of freedom. I think Homeland Security is idiotic but if you keep saying that those who do not conform to your views are traitors, you are as bad as the Nazis

  7. Trent Hill

    Hmm. I’d heard it was the tie-breaking vote? Maybe that was on a specific amendment?

  8. Fred Church Ortiz

    I looked it up in Thomas and don’t see anything officially connected passing by a close vote. You were deceived.

  9. Sivarticus

    I’m voting for Barkley this Tuesday. He’s far better than Coleman or Franken. If a miracle happened and he won, he would also be far more open to influence from Libertarians and others than either of the two major candidates. He appeared at the Rally for the Republic here in MN and the Nader event during the GOP Convention. To me, that suggests he’s very willing to reach out to ideas from the greater third party movement. He’s already been obviously influenced by Ron Paul and Ventura. Some of the things he says in the debates are very Ron Paulian.

    Even though he’s a big longshot, he’s the only thing third party folks in this state have had since Ventura that could actually win. Yes, there is James Niemackl from the Constitution Party and a token Libertarian running for the Senate seat. But either of these guys would be lucky to get .5%. Unless you’re really for them, like some of the Constitution Party people are for Niemackl (and I respect them for that), consider Barkley. I guess we will have one or two more polls in the next couple days to see what, if any, effect this advertisement had. If he’s up to or over 20%, though, then this guy could actually win with a little luck and a lot of Democrats/Republicans breaking for him.

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