Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin reportedly has ‘no opinion’ on 9/11 inside job theory

SteveKC writes at Chuck Baldwin Forum

Chuck “No Opinion” Baldwin and 9/11

Chuck has a strong opinion on every subject — the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the income tax, the bailout, the border agents, etc. However, at a campaign event in Kansas City, I asked Chuck if he believed the official government story of the 9/11 attacks or if he believed the mounting evidence that has led millions of Americans to conclude that people in the highest levels of our government carried out the attacks of 9/11.

Chuck said that he had no opinion on the subject. That is absolutely absurd. How can he have an opinion on every other topic but not one on what is one of the most important events in the history of our nation. Either Chuck is woefully uninformed or he put on a sad display of cowardice by ducking the question.

Chuck needs to step forward and take a stand on this issue. The events of 9/11 have led to two wars in which millions of Iraqis and Afghans have died, as well as over 4000 America soldiers. The attacks of 9/11 have also given us a burgeoning police state and the Patriot Act which has virtually gutted the Constitution.

Whether he adheres to the official government story, thinks it was an inside job, or has some alternative theory, Chuck needs to clearly state his beliefs about the nature of the attacks of 9/11. We deserve no less than that.

28 thoughts on “Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin reportedly has ‘no opinion’ on 9/11 inside job theory


    it is very telling of someone. I’m glad you are reporting this. This helps for those undecided voters. When I was watching debates , Baldwing could not answer how he would ensure HMos don’t deny people without regulations and he could not do so.

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    Perhaps. Or maybe he is really just in favor of an investigation, and has questions, rather than have already arrived at a conclusion (he is on the record favoring an investigation).

  3. Eternaverse

    I already knew that Baldwin was a theocrat and a bigot, but this is just insane. He is now pandering to the extreme end of the so called “9-11 truth” movement. Baldwin is a nut all around.

  4. Ross Levin

    I think he’s just playing the game of politics a bit, and good for him. He’s running for president after all. He doesn’t want to offend normal people or 9/11 Truthers, both of whom probably make up a decent portion of his support.

  5. paulie cannoli Post author

    As far as I know, this is the same position Barr, Nader and McKinney have.

    Nader and McKinney, like Baldwin, have called publicly for a new investigation.

    Barr has not, but did tell me and several other people (paraphrased) “some of my friends believe (the official government account) and some believe (the inside job theory). I believe my friends are correct.” (Las Vegas, February 2008).

    Of these four, McKinney is probably closest to endorsing the Inside Job theory; her website is called “Vote Truth,” her campaign communications director is a prominent truther, and she has embraced other “conspiracy theories” such as the 5,000 dead black men in a Louisiana swamp.

    However, I am not aware of any specific statement she has made about embracing one theory or the other about who was responsible for carrying out the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

    Nor have I heard any of these other candidates take a specific stance on the issue. If anyone is aware of such a statement by any of them, please let me know when and where.

  6. Eternaverse

    Can’t people get it though their heads that the US government (and any government, for that matter) sucks at anything it tries to do. Look at Iraq, Vietnam, both world wars and Watergate. How is the US government going to plan and execute these attacks without anyone knowing? Only a few crazy people think that 9-11 was “an inside job” and Baldwin is pandering to them to earn a few more votes. He is truly a sad figure.

  7. paulie cannoli Post author

    9/11 truthers are not abnormal people, nor “only a few people”. There are many millions in the US, and far more around the world. Some polls indicate double digit percentages in the US alone, and growing. Those who think it is a possibility, but are not sure, are a large percentage of the population. By comparison, the number of people who vote for alternative parties and candidates is smaller, and some people think we are “only a few crazy people” as well.

  8. Eternaverse

    There is a huge difference between believing whether 9-11 needs to be reinvestigated because the investigation was not correctly conducted (like what most polls I’ve seen ask) and believing it’s an inside job.

  9. Ross Levin

    I didn’t say they were abnormal. But the majority of people (ie, normal people) don’t think believe in the conspiracy. It was out of pure laziness that I said that.

  10. Bill Lussenheide

    Some questions are very broad and unanswerable at a glance. Even amongst 911 “truthers” there are wide varities of opinion. The topic is broad, not concrete, composing of many aspects and conflicting opinions.

    **The JFK assasination is still controversial all these years later. Is Chuck suppose to have an opinion about that too?

    **Did Roosevelt know about Pearl Harbor?

    **Do UFOs exist? What is area 51 used for?

    To attempt to answer any of those questions is a lose/lose and has no bearing on how he would rule as a President, or how dignified his administration would be in dealing justly with government issues. His answer was appropriate IMHO.

    Im sure Chuck Baldwin ,if really pressed, would answer that he would fully allow information for such to be made publicly available from the government if he was elected President. In fact in the thread at the Baldwin forum, SteveKC confessed that this indeed was Baldwin said he would do…have an independent investigation.

    Any other candidates willing to say that?

    I would not expect Baldwin to do any less. None of us can act on hearsay authority. There is much controversy from many angles about 9-11. You cannot expect a President to act based on a “You Tube” or videos produced by people who may have an agenda. All sides must be heard and given platform.

    Again, there are conflicting opinions about WT7, and 911 even amongst truthers.

    Baldwin’s answer and statement shows wisdom, maturity and patience

    Bill Lussenheide

  11. Sivarticus

    Yeah, Baldwin treads lightly and expresses an open mind. He’ll probably be getting my vote, unless Nader stuns me in some way at the last second.

  12. HumbleTravis

    Are the 9/11 truth people not into McKinney? She’s certainly been more outspoken about it than anyone else running for office (aside from Kevin Barrett).

  13. TheOriginalAndy

    Several months back I heard that Chuck Baldwin supports a new investigation into 9/11.

  14. paulie cannoli Post author

    Yes, as mentioned above. So do Nader and McKinney. Nothing, however, on any of them actually saying anything about believing an inside job, unless there is something I missed – please let me know.

  15. TheOriginalAndy

    The fact that Baldwin, McKinney, and Nader all support a new investigation says that they are skeptical of the official government story. If they believed the official government story, then there would be no need for a new investigation.

    The candidates who do not support a new investigation are John McCain, Barack Obama, and Bob Barr.

    We know for a fact that McCain and Obama are a part of the establishment so them supporting the 0fficial government fairy tale about 9/11 should come as no suprise.

    Bob Barr is either an establishment lacky, an idiot, or he is simply too chickenshit to call for a new investigation. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the reasons why this 12 year member of the Libertarian Party will not be casting a vote for Bob Barr this November.

  16. paulie cannoli Post author

    Barr has expressed a certain possible level of skepticism of the official story.

    None of the four have endorsed an inside job theory – as far as I know. McKinney probably has given the most indication that she does, but I have not heard anything direct on the issue.

  17. TheOriginalAndy

    “paulie cannoli // Oct 28, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Barr has expressed a certain possible level of skepticism of the official story.”

    I haven’t heard him say anything like this. Why hasn’t he called for a new investigation? He’s either corrupt, an idiot, or a coward.

  18. paulie cannoli Post author

    I’ve told you the story plenty of times. It’s also in the comments above. He hasn’t called for a new investigation because of his political calculation that it would make him look less “respectable.”

  19. TheOriginalAndy

    “paulie cannoli // Oct 28, 2008 at 12:40 am

    I’ve told you the story plenty of times. It’s also in the comments above. He hasn’t called for a new investigation because of his political calculation that it would make him look less ‘respectable.'”

    I haven’t heard anything that leads me to believe that Barr questions the official 9/11 story.

    All I’ve heard is that when asked, Barr said something like, “Some of my friends believe the official story, and some of my friends think that it was an inside job. I believe my friends.” This is is total cop out and does not indicate that he questions the official story.

    What you are suggesting is that Barr suspects an inside job but it too chickenshit to say it or just call for a new investigation. I haven’t seen any evidence of this, especially when one considers that he made the comment that Bush did a good job handling the aftermath of 9/11.

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