Goldwater to vote for McCain

Mississippi’s Starkville Daily News reports this morning on ex-Rep. Barry Goldwater Jr.’s visit to “the state where his late father garnered 87 percent of the popular vote in the 1964 presidential election” Thursday. Goldwater was there to address a group at Mississippi State University. He said he backed Rep. Ron Paul for president this year and will vote for Sen. John McCain next week. The article does not mention that Paul and Goldwater are on the ballot in Louisiana as the Louisiana Taxpayers Party ticket.

20 thoughts on “Goldwater to vote for McCain

  1. Dr.Why42

    Hi, actually I was there, I was the guy in the picture. I am a regular reader of IPR but I guess I felt I had to stop lurking for this one. I actually asked him specifically if one should vote Barr or McCain, and he told me it was a “matter or conscience” and is up to each individual conservative/libertarian etc. He also said if McCain was smart, “he would have voted against the bailout” he also said he wasn’t that excited about McCain and disagrees in many areas, but feels Barack Obama would be worse.

  2. Trent Hill

    GE doesnt understand what a neocon is, Sen. Goldwater wasnt one, and Rep. Goldwater Jr. DEFINETLY isnt one.

  3. Steve

    Goldwater Jr. is certainly no neo-con but he is voting for one, and that’s sad. The blindness of party loyalty as demonstrated here by Goldwater is the slowly heating water to the frog of America. Party leaders can just nominate someone slightly less bad than the D or R, say “we can’t let so and so get in,” collect blank check for imperialism and insolvency.

  4. G.E.

    neo = new
    con = conservative

    Goldwater was of the New Right, not the old.

    So technically speaking, he was a “neo” (new) “con” (conservative, rightist).

    Okay, I guess he wasn’t a “former” leftist Israel firster, but he was still evil and repugnant, as is anyone who would vote for John McCain.

  5. ModernWhig

    Again GE, people can vote for who they want without being called evil and repugnant. What would you do if I said voting libertarian was evil and repugnant?

  6. Trent Hill

    “Goldwater was of the New Right, not the old.”

    Agreed. But he was NOT a neocon. Both are on the wrong side of conservatism, but the New Right is CONSIDERABLE better. Less interventionist, pro-life and anti-eugenics (unlike the neocons), doesnt consider Israel the 51st state,etc.

  7. George Dance

    Hmph. I just finished writing an article on the Louisiana Taxpayers Party, and now I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing:

    “The fledgling Louisiana Taxpayers Party, which broke from the Republican Party to nominate anti-war hero Ron Paul for President, was racked with controversy today after it was revealed that Paul’s running mate, Barry Goldwater, Jr., planned to vote for Paul’s neo-fascist, warmongering opponent, John McCain.

    Sneered the entire libertarian blogosphere: “Who does Goldwater think he is? A Nevada Ron Paul delegate?”

    Or maybe not. Anyway, here’s the article as is:

  8. Trent Hill

    George! Great article!

    So far,that TV ad is playing this weekend roughly 60 times. We hope it’ll play more than that. I urge ANYONE who is reading this–please please please donate to this cause. Because of connections and some tech-savvy people,we’re able to place ads in primetime slots for as low as 25-50 bucks!

  9. G.E.

    Goldwater was not pro-life but an abortionist. He was also a major socialist who only departed from his leftist views for the 1964 campaign.

    He wasn’t a “neocon” in the sense that Bill Kristol is, but he was a neo con. That’s all I meant. You think I don’t know the difference?

  10. Trent Hill

    I know you do, but you go overboard with the rhetoric constantly. Goldwater wasn’t a neocon, he was a New Rightist.

  11. TheOriginalAndy

    “G.E. // Oct 31, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Goldwater, Jr. also endorsed Arnold SchwarzeNazi, btw.”

    My opinion of Barry Goldwater Jr. just went down yet another notch.

    This guy should defintely NOT be the one to inherit the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

  12. Trent Hill

    Barry Goldwater Jr. backs the Republican candidate after the primary is over, rather than third-party candidates. I dont agree with the premise, but it is certainly one that is widespread, even amongst the Freedom Movement.

  13. johncjackson

    If you limit your definition of Acceptable to only people who agree with Ron Paul 100% of the time, you are severely marginalizing yourself and “the movement.” Especially since RP is “un-libertarian” on a couple issues- but that’s another story.

    If you call anyone who: is not 100% pro-life, tolerant, or not 100% for elimination of the FED yesterday a neocon or socialist, have fun with your <1% coalition.

  14. darolew

    Goldwater is a politician, one should always have low expectations. I sometimes wish I was religious—then I could have comfort that most politicians would be spending an eternity in hell.

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