Miller Politics interviews Gail Parker on VA run for US Senate, Independent Green endorsement of Chuck Baldwin

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Gail “for rail” Parker is running as the Independent Green Party candidate for US Senate in Virginia.  In the 2006 US Senate election Parker was the only third party candidate and received 1% of the vote against Jim Webb and George Allen.  An October 24 poll found her at 2% this year.

Parker answered these questions for Miller Politics:

1.  What makes you a better choice than Mark Warner (D), Jim Gilmore (R) and Bill Redpath (L)?

I want to make Virginia a leader in building high-speed Rail.  Rail will give us hope for the future.  Rail -even the traditional rail –  uses energy so much more efficiently that a vehicle would need to get over 300 miles to the gallon to be as efficient as Rail.  We need More Trains, Less Traffic.

2.  To most people the issue of rail is not a major issue, why is it such a big issue for you and the Independent Green Party of Virginia?

The need for Rail touches everyone.  By the best estimates of the engineers, we will have used one-half of the WORLD’s oil supply by the year 2010.  It took us approximately 100 years to use the first half and to achieve today’s consumption rate.  We believe the second half will be used much faster unless we conserve and convert to alternate energy sources.  When the cost of transportation goes up, the cost of everything goes up.  That is why we believe that Rail can offer us hope for the future.  Rail will grow our economy.  Rail will make American safer and more secure.  We need More Trains, Less Traffic.

3.  Earlier this campaign season you were a candidate for the Green Party USA presidential nomination.  How did that campaign go?

I was a stand in candidate for Michael Bloomberg.  We were successful in placing Michael on the ballot in Virginia for US President.  Unfortunately, Michael decided against running and withdrew his name from the ballot.  We, in turn, sought another Presidential candidate that would advocate for More Trains, Less Traffic:  Chuck Baldwin.

4.  The Independent Green Party has chosen to run the Constitution Party ticket of Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle for president.  Why is that ticket the best one for America?

Chuck Baldwin is an advocate for building high-speed Rail.  A nationwide system of high-speed rail could cut our dependency on foreign oil in half.  By our estimate we could build a state-of-the-art system for much less than we are spending each year on foreign oil imports, $500B-$700B annually.

4 thoughts on “Miller Politics interviews Gail Parker on VA run for US Senate, Independent Green endorsement of Chuck Baldwin

  1. HumbleTravis

    Gail Parker sounds like a single-issue politics version of SmarterChild. Does she really believe that Chuck Baldwin supports a nationwide rail system?

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