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Liveblogging the alternative Presidential Debate

The comments of this post will be an opportunity for readers to liveblog the The City Club of Cleveland debate between Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader, moderated by Dan Moulthrop of Cleveland’s PBS radio and television stations, which will be streamed live by ideastream ( and… Read more ...

Presidential endorsements from across the alternative/independent political spectrum

From Stephen V. Funk, known to IPR comment readers as svf:

The American Conservative

Obama: 5
McCain: 3
Barr: 2
Pastor Chuck Baldwin [Constitution]: 2
Dr. Ron Paul [Write-In/CP/LA Taxpayers]: 1


Obama: 11
Barr: 9
McCain: 3

Independent Political Report

Barr: 8
Baldwin: 5
Paul: 5
Ralph Nader [Independent]: 4
Charles Jay [Boston Tea Party]: 1
Obama: 1

High Times

Obama: 1
Barr: 1
Cynthia McKinney [Green]: 1

The Stogie Guys

Barr: 2

Reason and The American Conservative have a very similar (and, to some, counterintuitive) vote distribution: Obama wins a plurality vote in both crowds.… Read more ...

A real political race: Green Party At-Large candidate Schwartzman challenges rivals to cross-DC footrace, Nov. 1

From a Green Party press release sent to

David Schwartzman, DC Statehood Green candidate for At-Large Member of the City Council of the District of Columbia, has challenged his rivals in the campaign to a footrace on Saturday, November 1, from Northwest to Southeast DC.

Mr. Schwartzman will begin at 9 am at 18th Street and Columbia Road NW in Adams Morgan.

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Location announced for upcoming third party VP debate

Christina M. Tobin, President of Free and Equal Elections, announced this afternoon that a vice-presidential debate will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada this Sunday November 2, 2008.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas Alumni Association has agreed to host the debate at the Marietta Tiberti Grand Hall, located at 4505 Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas.… Read more ...

Zogby: Nader 1.9%, Barr 0.9%, McKinney 0.2%, Other 1.3%

The latest Zogby tracking poll of 7,000 likely voters across the U.S. (+/- 2.9%) has independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader at 1.9%, Libertarian Bob Barr 0.9%, and Green Cynthia McKinney 0.2%. No other alternative presidential candidate was included, but 1.3% said they would vote for someone else, and 2.2% said they were undecided.… Read more ...

Nader protests lack of coverage at Washington Post HQ

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Retention requirements for smaller political parties


Here are the vote percentages, by state, that each of the alternative parties has to have in order to have the same ease of nominating candidates as the Democrats and Republicans do. The final column represents the last time such a requirement has been successfully met by a party other than Democratic or Republican.… Read more ...

Root hints at 2012 in Fox News interview

Libertarian vice presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root made another appearance on Fox News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto earlier this week. Root said in part, “We have got socialism under Republican George Bush with a bailout bill that nationalizes our banks and Wall Street, and now we will go all the way to Marxism with our good friend Barack Obama.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers candidate Calero: ‘I’m a worker’

The Recorder, the newspaper of Central Connecticut State University, interviewed Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate Roger Calero, who said of his candidacy, “I’m a worker — a worker who has been active in different struggles and in support for organizing unions. For example, when I was a meatpacker in the Midwest in Iowa and then in Minnesota, I had the chance to participate in an organizing effort at the meat-packing plant where I worked where after a hard-fought battle we were able to win the union and then a contract.… Read more ...

McKinney certified as Missouri write-in candidate

Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney has been certified as a write-in candidate in Missouri.… Read more ...

Live streaming and moderator set for debate between Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader

According to an email from the Baldwin campaign,

The City Club of Cleveland debate, moderated by Dan Moulthrop of Cleveland’s PBS radio and television stations, will be streamed live by ideastream (

CSPAN will tape the debate for later showing, and it will also be live on public access cable in Cleveland.… Read more ...

Green Party candidate for Congress polling near 10%

The Green Party’s candidate to represent Illinois’s 11th Congressional district, Jason Wallace, is polling at 9% in a recent SurveyUSA poll. Wallace is a political newcomer and veteran of the war in Iraq. He has previously polled at about 5%. His Democratic opponent is at 50% and the Republican is at 37%, with the seat being vacated by a Republican incumbent this year.… Read more ...