Socialist Moore: Obama’s not a socialist

In an interview this week, Socialist Party USA presidential nominee Brian Moore said Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is not a socialist, as some of Obama’s foes have claimed. Moore said, “It’s misleading for Republicans to say that. They know he’s not a socialist. … It seems like both major party candidates are trying to use socialism to their advantage, in a negative and in a positive way.”

6 thoughts on “Socialist Moore: Obama’s not a socialist

  1. songster7

    That should tell us something … if even the Socialists don’t adopt Barack, and embrace his message, there’s little left for him to stand for ;}

  2. songster7

    Seriously, though, folks … given the distinct likelihood that Barry O is the next President, isn’t it time for us to start doing the groundwork that might (possibly?) move the juggernaut back somewhat in the direction of liberty? We could begin with a repeal of USAPATRIOT, and some of the other obvious affronts to all decency … push for medical marijuana (and then further) as a non-federal issue … support the withdrawal of troops from Iraq (while opposing their being just shipped to Afghan desert) … so much to do, so little time

  3. kiddleddee

    Personally, I think it is a better polemic to identify Bush and McCain as socialists and Obama as a fascist. Both identifications are correct of course (Bush and McCain are socialists (of the Mussolini variety) and Obama is also a Mussolini style fascist), but the polemic kinda turns the common thinking on its head.

  4. Ross Levin

    I think Obama has said that he would make the enforcement of federal marijuana laws less strict, especially in states were the state government has made it legal. But obviously that’s low on his list of priorities.

  5. Spence

    When push comes to shove, Obama won’t do shit about the Patriot Act, FISA, or anything else for that matter, just as it took Nixon never completely acknowledged his pledge to get us out of Vietnam.

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