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Libertarians elected and re-elected to office

From http://www.lp.org/2008-general-election-results/all

Bob Mills Maine Biddeford City Council 301 votes 79.0% reelected

Bruce Reichert Florida Collier County Soil & Water Board Seat 1 ran unopposed

J. Adam Mitchell Florida Collier County Soil & Water Board Seat 4 ran unopposed

Scott McPherson Florida New Port Richey Mayor won May primary

Howard Horowitz Florida Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 4 ran unopposed

Jack Tanner Florida Lee County Soil and Water Conservation District Seat 4 unopposed

Jonathan Hall California Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District Supervisor 6,964 (72.5%)

Frank Manske California Mount Diablo Healthcare District Supervisor unopposed

Kate O’Brien California Simi Valley Recreation and Parks District Supervisor unopposed

Norm “Firecracker” Westwell California Ocean View School District Board of Trustees unopposed

Tom Tryon California Calaveras County Supervisor, District 4 2,075 (51.3%) reelected

Brian Holtz California Purissima Hills Water District unopposed

John Inks California Mountain View City Council 8,187 (13.7%) multi-candidate preference

John A Buttrick Arizona Maricopa County Superior Court Judge 447,507 (74.9%)
judicial retention election

Peter Schmerl Arizona Green Valley Continental Elementary School Board District 39

Fredrick Campbell Kansas Anderson County Attorney 2,118 unopposed incumbent

Tracy Lunquist Florida West Volusia Hospital Authority Group A Seat 1 42,892 (59.0%)

Jeff Hunt Florida Duval County Soil & Water Board, Group 2 148,515 (51.4%)

Mike Helms North Carolina Cabarrus County Board of Education 16,226 (7.0%)
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Greens elected and re-elected to office

posted by Green Party political director Brent McMillan in a comment at Ballot Access News

Wins for the Green Party, what we know so far:

Richard Carroll was elected to Arkansas State Legislature, District 34.

Bruce Delgado was elected to Mayor of Marina City, Monterey County, CA (pop. 25,000)

Ross Mirkarimi was re-elected to San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5 (the old Harvey Milk seat), CA.

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Documentary profiles Charles Jay and Brian Moore

Video found at tilzy.tv… Read more ...

LP.org breaks down Bob Barr’s results by state

LP.org has a table showing how well the Barr ticket did in each of the 45 states where he was on the ballot.

They break down as follows:

Indiana 1.1%

Texas, Utah, Georgia 0.7%

(Of the top four states, Utah was the only one to have an alternative candidate besides Barr on the ballot for president; of the remaining states, North Carolina, in the next group of four at 0.6%, was the only one that didn’t).… Read more ...

Oklahoma and Tennessee legislatures may now be more open to ballot access reform

Ballot Access News reports

As a result of the recent election, the Oklahoma and Tennessee legislatures, for the first time ever, are under Republican control in both houses.

During the last fifteen years, legislatures in both states have considered bills to ease ballot access for minor and new parties. In each case, the bills were introduced by Republican legislators, and the bills were always killed in committee.

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Jesse Johnson gets best alternative party percentage of the vote for WV Governor since 1912

Posted at Ballot Access News

Preliminary election returns show that Jesse Johnson, Mountain Party nominee for West Virginia Governor, polled 4.5% of the vote. That is the highest percentage for a minor party candidate for Governor of West Virginia since 1912, when the Socialist Party polled 5.6%.

The Mountain Party is affiliated with the Green Party nationally.

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Green Rebekah Kennedy sets record in US Senate race

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch.

Unless I am mistaken, this is also the best result ever for any nationally organized party other than Democrats or Republicans which is still in existence. I know it beats the Libertarians best showing ever of 18% (MA, 2002). Readers can correct me in the comments if they know of other nationally organized parties that have done better in US Senate races.… Read more ...

Libertarian ticket closes in on 500,000 votes

With 99 percent of the vote counted, the Libertarian ticket is closing in on 500,000 votes in Tuesday’s election. Tickets topping 100,000 votes:

  • Obama-Biden: 64,931,747
  • McCain-Palin: 57,097,942
  • Nader-Gonzalez: 671,395
  • Barr-Root: 496,435
  • Baldwin-Castle: 178,776
  • McKinney-Clemente: 145,443
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