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Rex Rammel for Senate scores 5.37% in Idaho

Rex Rammel was an Independent candidate for US Senate in Idaho running on a platform that ranchers, small farmers, and reformers seemed attracted to. He had a particular pull amongst conservatives.

While his scoring of 5.37% statewide is impressive, there are more impressive numbers on the county level. He scored double digits in 7 of 44 counties, including 17.21% in Clark County.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: Requiem for Barr/Root

Steve Kubby was a candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2008, and the runner up for the party’s VP nomination in 2008 and 2000. He was also the party’s candidate for Governor of California in 1998. He is currently working on a new business venture in the medical field. Disclosure: I worked on his presidential campaign.Read more ...

Counties where alternative party and independent Presidential candidates did best

Posted at ballot Access News

Nader: Lawrence County, Arkansas, 3.3%
Barr: Esmeralda County, Nevada, 2.7%
Baldwin: Millard County, Utah, 5.6%
McKinney: either St. Bernard or LaFourche, both in Louisiana, each 1.1%
Brian Moore: Essex County, Vermont, 2.1%

Thanks to Jack Ross for doing the laborious job of checking all the counties.

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Ralph Nader beats his 1996 popular vote total

With results still coming in, here is the latest report from CNN.com






148,545… Read more ...

How did former Sen. Dean Barkley do?

Although many pundits expected him to do better, or worse, Dean Barkley managed to capture 15.16% in the US Senate race in Minnesota as the Independence Party candidate. Dean Barkley recieved the endorsement of former Gov. Jesse Ventura and Ventura even helped record radio ads for him. However, he also managed to score as much as 23.18% in Waseca County and as well as at least 20% in 3-4 others.… Read more ...

States who awarded most presidential votes (by %) to third parties

The top five states in terms of awarding presidential votes to third parties (again, in terms of percentages).

1.) Montana, 3.18%
2.) Utah, 2.99%
3.) Oregon, 2.80%
4.) Alaska, 2.76%
5.) Wyoming, 2.68%… Read more ...

Constitution Party retains ballot access in Missouri

The Columbia Missourian printed a story about the Constitution Party retaining it’s ballot access and some possible reasons for why the Libertarians did not reach the needed 2%.

The Constitution Party’s accomplishment may have come at the expense of the Libertarian Party, Missouri’s most established party after the Democrats and Republicans.

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Rebekah Kennedy for Senate (AR) results

Rebekah Kennedy, the Green candidate for Senate in Arkansas, faced only a Democratic opponent. Results are now coming in that show her scoring over 30% in at least 3 counties. With Republicans putting up no challengers in most contests for US House or US Senate, it looks like the Arkansas Greens may be the second area in which Greens are considered the “2nd Party”.… Read more ...

Richard Winger advises Greens to target Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma for ballot access reform

In a comment at Green Party Watch, Richard Winger of Ballot Access News writes:

The months of November and December of any even-numbered year are the PRIME months to ask state legislators to introduce bills to improve ballot access (and to introduce bills on any subject). If people wait, the legislators will say, “Sorry; I can only introduce XX number of bills and I’ve already got my quota.” We are in a window of opportunity that only opens once every two years.

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Wayne Root assesses 2008 Libertarian VP campaign, thanks supporters, makes plans for 2012

The Road Ahead:
A Message from Wayne Allyn Root –
2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Dear friends,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve all of my many friends, fans, voters, contributors and most importantly, the Libertarian Party as the nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008.… Read more ...

Robert Owens gets over 230,000 votes for Attorney General of Ohio

ChuckBaldwinForum.com reports:

The chairman of the Constitution Party of Ohio received over 230,000 votes with a campaign featuring a positive message and an urban agenda.

Owens was also endorsed by the Libertarian Party and the Reform Party.

This was 4.81% according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.… Read more ...

The Reform Party is officially dead

Ross Perot’s 1996 showing of 8,085,402 was the party’s first and most significant entry into Presidential politics.

Then in 2000, the party nominated Pat Buchanan and still captured a respectable (by third party standards) total of 449,225 votes.

In 2004, what remained of the party endorsed Ralph Nader’s campaign which won 463,655… but only a fraction of that came on Reform Party ballot-lines.… Read more ...