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A new third party to be formed in Watertown, Connecticut

An article in the Town Times – of Watertown and Oakville, Connecticut – revealed the plans of former Watertown city council member Dick Wick to form a third party. Dissatisfied with the vetting process for city council candidates of both Democrats and Republicans, Mr. Wick decided that he needed to form his own party.… Read more ...

California Libertarians fight Prop ‘H’8

Earlier, we reported about the California Green Party’s efforts to fight Prop 8, which they and many others have called prop H 8 (hate). The California Libertarian Party has many members who are also working to overturn this proposition, and the party officially opposed its passage (see the front page of the October issue of California Freedom).… Read more ...

Alan Keyes files lawsuit over Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President

Posted at Ballot Access News

On November 13, Alan Keyes and his vice-presidential running mate in California, Reverend Wiley Drake, and other members of the American Independent Party, filed a new lawsuit over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president. Keyes v Bowen, Superior Court, Sacramento, 34-2008-80000096-cu-wm-gds.

Unlike other lawsuits about the eligibility of either John McCain or Obama to serve as president, this case has a presidential candidate plaintiff.

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Malik Rahim 2008 Thomas Merton award recipient

Posted at VoteMalik.com

Pat LaMarche
Malik for U.S. Congress 504.905.5676
Miles Dinnen
Thomas Merton Center 412.361.3022

Louisiana Congressional Candidate Honored for Commitment to Humanity Malik Rahim: 2008 Thomas Merton Award Recipient

[Pittsburg, Pennsylvania]

Thomas Merton, philosopher and noteworthy catholic author and theologian once said, ““We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.” Even though he died 40 years before last night’s award ceremony, honoring Malik Rahim for his work; one might have imagined that Thomas Merton said those words with Malik in mind.

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Campaign for Liberty, Libertarians, Greens, Independents and more in Transpartisan Alliance American Citizens’ Summit

Posted at Green Party Watch

In a post at their website, the Colorado Green Party is promoting the Transpartisan Alliance, which claims to be a way to bring liberals, conservatives, libertarians, greens, independents and everyone else together.

Transpartisanship acknowledges the validity of truths across a range of political perspectives and seeks to synthesize them into an inclusive, pragmatic whole beyond typical political dualities.

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Oklahoma State Senator will re-introduce ballot access reform bill

Posted at Ballot Access News

Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) recently said that he will again introduce a bill to make it easier for new/minor parties to get on the ballot. It will probably be similar to his 2007 bill, SB 28, which lowered the petition from 5% of the last vote cast to a flat 5,000 signatures; and lowered the vote test from 10% to 1%.

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George Donnelly: 5 Questions for LNC members about executive session

Posted at GeorgeDonnelly.com. Read the responses at the link.

After the September Libertarian National Committee (LNC) meeting and the resulting hubbub about executive session, I decided to approach LNC members – current and former – to see what their thoughts were on their own use of executive session.

I contacted all current LNC members via email but only eight of twenty-five chose to respond.

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Ballot access reform efforts underway in Texas and Pennsylvania

Ballot Access News reports on efforts underway in Texas and Pennsylvania not to make ballot access more reasonable.

In Pennsylvania, State House member Eddie Pashinski (D-Wilkes-Barre) has agreed to introduce the Pennsylvania ballot access reform bill in next year’s legislative session. The bill already has a Senate sponsor, Mike Folmer, a Republican.… Read more ...

National vote total update for alternative presidential candidates

  • Ralph Nader 697,251
  • Bob Barr 510,570
  • Chuck Baldwin 181,796
  • Cynthia McKinney 152,292
  • Alan Keyes 41,241
  • Ron Paul 19,852
  • Gloria La Riva 7,478
  • Roger Calero 7,209
  • Brian Moore 6,566
  • Richard Duncan 3,703
  • James Harris 2,618
  • Charles Jay 2,346
  • John Joseph Polachek 1,236
  • Frank McEnulty 781
  • Jeffrey Wamboldt 770
  • Thomas Stevens 720
  • Gene Amondson 639
  • Jeffrey Boss 604
  • George Phillies 518
  • Ted Weill 470
  • Jonathan Allen 310
  • Bradford Lyttle 106
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    Jim Gray calls for government-funded energy innovation reward

    In California’s Newport Beach Daily Pilot, Libertarian Judge Jim Gray praises the idea of a government-funded reward for “anyone who would develop a process or method that would be commercially viable to separate the hydrogen and oxygen elements from water” in order to “furnish cheap and viable energy that would come from an inexhaustible source.”

    Gray writes, “This suggestion does some violence to my Libertarian principles of a smaller and less-dominant government, as well as the principle of simply allowing the marketplace to devote the necessary capital to meritorious projects.… Read more ...

    Kervorkian House race showing called ‘symbolic win’

    A posting at YouDecide2008.com credits Michigan Ninth District U.S. House candidate Jack Kervorkian with a “symbolic win”. Kervorkian’s independent candidacy won 9,047 votes. The posting says in part, “Kevorkian, a former felon with the notorious nickname ‘Doctor of Death,’ was without any Party affiliation or backing, severely limited funds, and without previous political accolades to his name.… Read more ...