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Update: Minnesota Senate race isn’t the only recount this election season

We have previously reported on independent Cathy Church’s bid for prosecutor in Marquette County, Michigan. Thanks to Greg Peterson of Gather.com for putting these stories together.

Apparently, Church was not convinced with the results of the election and filed for a recount of the votes about a week after the election.… Read more ...

Cindy Sheehan asks, ‘Is Citigroup thankful for corrupt government and robbed taxpayers?’

The following is reposted from OpEd News. It was written by former independent candidate for Congress and prominent anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan:

While Secretary of the Treasury from 1999-2001, Larry Summers worked with the Clinton administration and Congress to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act so that Citicorp could become Citigroup. The Glass-Steagall Act was a reform instituted during the Great Depression to prevent financial concerns from consolidating and becoming “too big to fail.” The Graham-Bliley-Leach (bi-partisan) Act that repealed Glass-Steagall was a gift to Wall Street which has wreaked so much havoc today.… Read more ...

Green-Rainbow Party stands with Chuck Turner, calls for broad investigation of influence-peddling

Posted on the
Green-Rainbow website

The Green-Rainbow Party stands with Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, who has been a tireless servant in the broad struggle for justice, and who has a distinguished history fighting on behalf of the people of Boston and beyond. Councilor Turner has unswervingly taken the side of the disadvantaged and disempowered, steadfastly refusing to take the side of wealthy interests accustomed to buying influence through campaign contributions and lobbying.

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Washington State’s Party of the Commons

According to the party’s blog, Commoner: A Party of Commons journal. Progress, Tradition, Ecology “We have become the 4th most popular party in Washington state, based on the number of votes in recent elections. Only the “Big 2″ major parties and the Constitution party are ahead of us in popularity in Washington.” However, a quick skimming of the blog failed to identify any party members besides its chairman, Mark Greene, nor any link to a party website other than the blog and a free Geocities campaign site for Mark Greene.… Read more ...

Malik Rahim profiled in the San Francisco Bay View

Full article here.
Additional IPR coverage here.

Pat LaMarche, Green Party candidate for vice president in 2004 and for governor of Maine in 2006 and author of “Left Out In America: The State of Homelessness in the United States,” writes in the Bangor News: “I’m staying just a few blocks from Jefferson Davis Parkway.

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Stephen Meier: Open letter to the LNC

sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Nov 26th, 2008

To: Libertarian Party National Committee

Subject: Angela Keaton

In regards to the upcoming LPNC meeting to be held Dec 6th and 7th in San Diego, CA. An agenda has been published at:


This published agenda includes the line “Discipline of Angela Keaton 30 minutes”.

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Video: Ralph Nader at University at Buffalo Law School

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More from Alan Keyes on his Barack Obama citizenship lawsuit

From Essence Magazine, by way of The Western Standard Shotgun blog:

ESSENCE.COM: What exactly do you want to accomplish with this lawsuit?

ALAN KEYES: I had read a little bit about the issues that were being raised about Obama back during the primary season. At first I thought, like a lot of people, “There’s nothing to this.

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Write-in totals for Orange County, CA

Orange County, California’s elections division has their own website and have release write-in totals. California, as a whole, has not yet released write-in totals, so this is the first glimpse into the larger results for write-ins.

Write in votes in Orange County, California:

Chuck Baldwin: 373 votes, 0.0%

Ron Paul: 3118 votes, 0.3%

If these results are accurate, then Ron Paul recieved more votes, as a write-in, than Cynthia McKinney, who was on the ballot, and almost as many as Alan Keyes, who was also ballot-listed.… Read more ...

Media appearances: Bob Barr 2008 vs. Harry Browne 2000

Data for Bob Barr from GordonUnleashed.com:

Here is a summary of just the interviews and events Bob did between August 2 and November 3rd. This list does not attempt to include news stories or news coverage that resulted from speeches, events, public appearances, news conferences, news releases etc.

From August 2 through November 3rd Bob did at least:

31 national TV interviews including 15 on CNN and 8 on Fox News Network
31 local TV interviews
90 radio interviews
38 newspaper interviews
8 magazine interviews
3 news conferences
36 speeches, most at Universities
1 debate televised on C-SPAN

The only thing I know of to compare it to is Harry Browne’s list of campaign appearances from 2000.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party video: ‘Do we live in a police state?’

Video by Todd Andrew Barnett… Read more ...