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A new party with an old name elects its first candidate for office

The Modern Whig Party – which seeks to cater to disenchanted Democrats and Republicans – has announced that it has its first win under its belt only months after forming. It is unclear from the press releasewhether he ran for office under the Modern Whig banner or not, but according to a commenter he ran as a Democrat. The press release:

The Modern Whig Party is pleased to announce that 2,448 voters in Lee County, Alabama have elected Ken Belcher into public office. Mr. Belcher will now serve as an Alabama Constable.

The office of constable is one of the oldest in the nation, predating the Revolutionary War and remains in only a handfull of states, including Alabama. A constable is similar to a county sheriff in that it is an elected peace officer.
In recent years, the office of constable has become largely a ceremonial position as the increased professionalism of Sheriff’s offices throughout Alabama and the nation has rendered the Constable’s Office to be redundant. However, it should be noted that many constables serve Alabama courts because constables generally perform their duties at no cost to the taxpayer.

Mr. Belcher, of Smiths Station, AL, becomes the first member of the Modern Whig movement to be elected to public office. He also serves this mainstream, grassroots organization as its Southeast Region coordinator.

“It is fitting that our first member elected to public office is on the local level in a somewhat antiquated position,” said Mike Lebowitz, National Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. “Since the national election last night, our movement has been and continues to be inundated with new members ranging from the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties. We will continue to build off of these small victories as we follow our longterm strategy toward our first organized attempt to seek a handful of state and local races in 2009.”

The Modern Whig Party national headquarters is in Washington, DC and caters to those who find themselves
cherry-picking between traditionally Democratic ideals and traditionally GOP ideals. Originally revitalized as a military/veterans’ advocacy organization, the grassroots movement seeks to go for a realistic and mainstream approach that is non-fringe. The Modern Whig Party platform generally relates to fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and bold social progression. The organization, which is home to a relatively large amount of military members, expects to run various state and local candidates in 2009 as it prepares to back three members for Congress in 2010.

The Modern Whig Party
2141 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite C-2
Washington, DC 20007


  1. paulie paulie August 27, 2009

    Still could have run as an Independent.

    Same petition requirement as third party.

  2. Trent Hill Trent Hill August 26, 2009

    Still could have run as an Independent.

  3. Ken Belcher Ken Belcher August 26, 2009

    I am and was the member of the Modern Whig Party to run as a Democrat for County Constable. You will not see a third party on an Alabama ballot. The power parties had made the qualification process so heavily rigged that it is a virtual impossibility to qualify in Alabama as a third party for ballot purposes. At the time that I ran for office, and as far as I know now, it was and is a Modern Whig policy to carry your Whig principles to the ballot box under any party appropriate.
    A member in long and good standing of the Modern Whig party and one of it’s progenitors: The USAWhig party I qualified to run for Constable as a Democrat and won against a write-in candidate.
    While most third parties are single-issue parties or small groups with a personal axe to grind, the Modern Whig Party takes pride in it’s moderate position of pragmatism and compassion, generally leaving the esoteric minutae of local politics to local politicians familiar with local values. People do want some substantive change, not radical change. That is why Perot received 19% of the popular vote even after withdrawing from his presidential campaign.

    Hon. Kenneth C. Belcher; Constable, Beat 14, Lee County Alabama, Modern Whig

  4. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution June 18, 2009

    Does Mr. Belcher ever consider switching to the MWP or run for re-election with the MWP label.

  5. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | November 8, 2008


  6. DWP2016 DWP2016 November 8, 2008

    Ken Belcher was on the ballot as a Democrat

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