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Chuck Baldwin breaks CP record for presidential votes

Chuck Baldwin has officially broken the Constitution Party record for most presidential votes. The previous record had been set by Howard Phillips in 1996 and was 184,820 votes. Chuck Baldwin, according to David Leip’s US Election Atlas, has 186,335 votes. Write-in votes from a number of states have not been counted or finalized. Howard Phillips’ record was set during a year that the Constitution Party was on the ballot in some of the most populous states in the Union; Illinois, Texas, California, and Pennsylvania. Our of those four states, Chuck Baldwin was only on Illinois’ ballot in 2008.

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Trent Hill


  1. citizen1 citizen1 November 18, 2008

    Here in CT there are four people in Meriden that say they voted for Baldwin and one in Willimantic and both those towns show no vote for Baldwin. The one in Wiilimatic was a registered write-in for state senate and they show zero votes for that office too.

  2. inDglass inDglass November 18, 2008

    Make that 186,337 votes. I can confirm at least two votes in Marion County, Indiana, where they apparently refuse to count qualified write-ins! If I ever get the time, I will contact the county election board and see if there is any way to get them counted.

  3. johnpmorris johnpmorris November 17, 2008

    Conservatives are weary of big-government, nanny-government, “moderate” Republicans. For such folks, the Constitution Party is more than an ALTERNATIVE, it is the ANSWER!

    The Constitution Party is the 3rd largest political party in the United States, and the fastest growing of the so-called “third” political parties.

    “Constitution Conscious”

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