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Proposed LNC resolution calling for a repudiation of current domestic military operations

received by email

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is an official request to the Libertarian National Committee to pass a resolution calling for a repudiation of current domestic military operations in the southern state of Georgia.

I am recommending that this draft be submitted to the committee so that they may make suggestions, comments, edits, or any revisions necessary, so long as the “original intent” is preserved.… Read more ...

LNC resolution of discipline for Angela Keaton

There has been much speculation on this and other blogs about what exactly LNC member Angela Keaton is being charged with, and by whom, in the item titled “Discipline of Angela Keaton” on this weekend’s LNC meeting agenda. The charges are being presented by Stewart Flood, and a summary is attached.… Read more ...

Albany Greens oppose Clinton nomination to State

Politics on the Hudson says the Capital District Green Party of the Albany, New York, area has announced its opposition to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s nomination as secretary of state. The party said President-Elect Obama’s choice “‘contradicted the anti-war rhetoric he initially based his campaign on.'” The Greens “described Obama’s foreign-policy team as ‘hawkish,’ ‘right of center’ and not in line with the views of most Americans.”… Read more ...

Update on Malik Rahim’s phone-banking project, plus an opportunity to volunteer

If you have not heard already, Green Party candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s second district Malik Rahim‘s campaign has launched a project to allow people all over the country – and even people outside of the US – to volunteer for it. It is a phone-banking project, but not in the traditional sense.… Read more ...

Louisiana 2nd Congressional District debate includes Green Malik Rahim and Libertarian Gregory Kahn

Video Part 1 and Part 2 from WDSU (includes commercials).

IPR has already extensively profiled Green Party candidate Malik Rahim, but this is our first look at Libertarian Gregory Kahn. Also participating in the debate is Republican Joseph Cao, who would like to be the first Vietnamese-American Congressman. Incumbent William Jefferson, under indictment on federal corruption charges, was invited but did not attend.… Read more ...

Bob Barr endorses Saxby Chambliss

At Crazy for Liberty, Doug Craig writes:

Bob Barr urges us to vote for one of the worst Republicans in the country.

I am no fan of Saxby Chambliss but it looks like Bob Barr is.

I see no reason for Barr to go to bat for Saxby. He knows people were not happy with him giving money to [Chambliss] earlier this year in a race in which we had a great candidate running.

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Libertarian Party: A message to Obama

Posted at LP.org by Andrew Davis

Today’s “Monday Message” is primarily one for President-Elect Barack Obama. Though the Bush administration, which has undoubtedly been one of the worst in American history, will be leaving office on Jan. 20, there is little room for celebration as Obama looks to take over as commander-in-chief.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: John A. Allison, Free Market Hero

posted at LP.org by Andrew Davis

Not everyone is born a freedom-loving Constitutionalist.  If they were, there would be no need for the Libertarian Party.

Unfortunately, the fight for less government is as much a legislative process as it is an education process.  In fact, the legislative process is much easier when there is an educated electorate, who elects qualified and competent legislators. 

While the Libertarian Party seeks to elect Libertarians to office and push public policy in a Libertarian direction, the libertarian movement seeks to educate the electorate about free market principles, individual liberty and the dangers of an overbearing government.… Read more ...

Alabama Presidential write-ins

Posted at Ballot Access News

Alabama is a state that has write-in space on the November ballot for president, and which has no requirement that write-in presidential candidates who want their write-ins must file a declaration of write-in candidacy. However, traditionally, the Alabama Secretary of State has never included any write-ins in her official canvass of votes.

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Professional parliamentarians interpret rules on suspending and removing LNC members

opinion-removal-lnc-at-large-1Read more ...

Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky on Obama and his cabinet selections

Via 911blogger.com

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Richmond, CA works on implementing Measure T, backed by the city’s Green mayor

Posted at sfgate.com by Charles Burress. Excerpt:

(11-30) 17:50 PST — After Richmond voters approved a citizens initiative this month that requires the Chevron refinery to pay a business license fee estimated at $26.5 million a year, officials of the financially strapped city are figuring out how to implement the new tax and what to spend the windfall on.

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