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Classically liberal: The Libertarian Party is a walking corpse

Classically liberal explains

The (formerly) Libertarian Party has had a birthday. It is now 37 years old. In my view the LP is a zombie — the living dead. It walks and moves about but it is a corpse for all practical purposes.

LP National Chairman Bill Redpath has issued a list of promises that the LP has never backed down on — or so he says.

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Howard Phillips makes members of CPNC angry with comment on Rep. John Hostettler

The Constitution Party National Committee meeting was addressed this past weekend by former Rep. John Hostettler. Former Rep. Hostettler recently wrote a book and addressed the Constitution Party on the same basic topics his book covers. After John Hostettler’s remarks, Howard Phillips, the founder of the party and CP Presidential candidate in ’92, ’96, and ’00, claimed that “No one worked harder over the past 12 years to protect constitutional principles in Congress” (this is a paraphrase, passed on to me secondhand).… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Kansas City Star needs to be committed

Andrew Davis writes at LP.org

On Dec. 10, the Libertarian Party put out a press release calling the logic behind the auto bailout, "insane." In it, we stated that "it’s insane that we keep going back to the taxpayers to bail-out struggling corporations who, for lack of good management and sound business practices, have become unprofitable."

We also said that "the Libertarian Party favors letting these companies file Chapter 11, instead of risking taxpayer dollars for promises of reform."

The Kansas City Star, a McClatchy publication in Kansas City, Missouri, was rather offended with our assessment of the situation:

In case you missed it, the nation’s largest third party also opposed appropriating $14 billion of taxpayer money to bail out the American automotive industry.

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California releases official vote totals

Posted at Ballot Access News

On December 13, California released its official vote tally from the November 2008 election. The most suspense concerned the write-in candidates for president. Ron Paul’s slate of presidential elector candidates received 17,006 write-ins. Chuck Baldwin received 3,145. James Harris for the Socialist Workers Party received 49, and Frank Moore (independent who lives in Berkeley, California) received 36.

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Bob Barr recommends ‘America Fights Back: Armed Self-defense in a Violent Age’ by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman

Via GunPundit.com

Americans love books in which the good guys win. Gottlieb and Workman are adding to that proud tradition with America Fights Back by documenting case after case in which gun-owning citizens who refuse to wear the label victim remain the winners. –Jill J.R. Labbe, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

During my years in the U.S.

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Libertarianism: a state of mind first, a party second

Posted by Taylor Byerly at Young Americans for Liberty

Over the past election, I told people time and time again that I was a Libertarian, and much to their surprise (that is, if they were even aware of the other candidates), voted Constitutionalist. They often asked me why I broke away from my party lines; was Bob Barr that bad that I’d desert my party?

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Constitutional Party of Alabama approved for affiliation with National Party during Orlando meeting

Posted at

The Constitutional Party of Alabama was approved for affiliation with the National Party during the Orlando meetings.

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Kootenai County, Idaho, Constitution Party: if we don’t get involved politically now, how will we have the courage to take up arms later?

Posted at http://www.kootenaicp.org/2008/12/13/a-respectful-inquiry/

A Respectful Inquiry
13 Dec, 2008

The political and economic outlook is certainly making for some colorful exchanges when one is out doing the work of a political activist. The pain threshold is becoming high enough now for the survival instinct to kick in and get people interested.

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Herb Titus: no constitutional foundation for new rules on domestic military engagement

By Kurt Nimmo. Found at The Congress blog

Bob Unruh writes for WorldNetDaily:

New rules published in the Federal Register would allow certain civilians to call American soldiers into action inside the U.S. to prevent environmental damage or respond to “special events” and “other domestic activities.”

The alarming warning is contained in proposed rules published last week for the Department of Defense’s “Defense Support of Civil Authorities” plan.

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‘Embarrassing’ to be a Canadian at climate talks: Green party leader Elizabeth May

CBC news reports

The UN climate conference in Poznan, Poland, was a “mark of shame” for Canada, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said on Saturday.

Delegates from poorer nations were angry at Canada for not meeting its commitments under the Kyoto protocol, as well as all industrialized countries for stalling on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, May told CBC News.

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Judge says decision in Green Party lawsuit against Connecticut public financing law due in March or April

Ballot Access News reports:

The judge in the case called Green Party of Connecticut v Garfield said on December 11 that the decision will be out in late March or early April. This is the case over discriminatory aspects of the Connecticut public funding law.

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