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American Independent Party internal court battle

Ballot Access News reports

On December 19, a Superior Court in Sacramento, California, held oral arguments in King v Bowen, the lawsuit over the identity of the state officers of the American Independent Party. The judge issued a tentative ruling, saying that the case is procedurally defective. Assuming the judge issues the tentative ruling as a final ruling next week, once more the merits of the case will not have been reached.

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Controversial poll disappears from Libertarian Party website archive

The archive of polls at the Libertarian Party website has been purged of reference to a recent poll on the necessity of government. As of the last time I checked the poll, the results were as follows:

Do you believe there is a necessary and proper role for government in society?… Read more ...

Wayne Root: How to stop the arrogance of Blagojevich (and Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo too)

Posted at Root For America

One solution to the insanity, stupidity and arrogance of politicians is so simple: Term Limits.

Kings and queens, otherwise known as career politicians, govern us. And it’s not just kings and queens that rule the American citizenry- but family dynasties handed down to princes and princesses.

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Ralph Nader again asks for reconsideration on Pennsylvania fees

Posted at Ballot Access News

On December 19, Ralph Nader again asked the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court to reconsider the order that he must pay fees to cover the costs of removing him from the ballot in 2004. Here is the latest brief.

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Ballot Access News compares trends in alternative party and independent Presidential performance, 2004 vs. 2008

In a series of posts at Ballot Access News today, Richard Winger writes:

In 2004, Ralph Nader was on the ballot in jurisdictions containing 50.8% of the national presidential vote cast that year. In those jurisdictions, he polled .67% of the total presidential vote cast in those places.

In 2008, Nader was on the ballot in jurisdictions containing 84.4% of the national presidential vote cast that year.… Read more ...

Green Party of Canada: Let US Iraq war resisters stay for Christmas

From The Western Standard Shotgun blog. Posted by Matthew Johnston.

Today the Green Party is urging Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration to stop the deportation proceedings against US Iraq war resister, Cliff Cornell, whose proceedings have been moved to December 19th, and to implement the motion adopted by Canada’s Parliament on June 3rd to allow all U.S.

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Video: Wayne Root on Cavuto on FOX, 12/18/08

Found at Root For America. Root was the 2008 Libertarian Party candidate Vice President, came in third for the Presidential nomination, and is a contender for the party’s 2012 Presidential nomination. He also plans to seek lower level office, including Mayor of Las Vegas in 2011. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party poll of the day: ‘Do you have a problem with Obama’s selection of Pastor Rick Warren for the inauguration?’

The poll is at LP.org.

At Delaware Libertarian, Steve Newton writes:

Explaining why he would invite California Prop 8 advocate Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, President-elect Barak Obama said, “We have to disagree without being disagreeable and then focus on those things that we hold in common as Americans.”

Which is why David Duke will be acting as an usher.

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Ralph Nader: ‘Schooltime for Candidates’

Posted at Nader.org:

Earlier this year, while speaking in Fargo, North Dakota, Colleen Donley brought her nine year old son, Adam, from Perham, Minnesota, to the gathering to complain about the curriculum materials on the presidential race produced by Scholastic Magazine. Adam wanted to vote for me but their mock paper ballots had only two choices picturing John McCain and Barack Obama.

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Brian Miller on the role of the Vietnam War in the formation of the Libertarian Party

In a piece at Delaware Libertarian, Brian Miller responds to those who disagree with his critique of Redpath’s “list of promises”:

One of the more amusing tricks of the NeoConTarian faction is to challenge the accuracy of even the smallest statement and use sweeping generalizations like “rant” and “liar” to attack those who they wish to avoid addressing directly.

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Constitution Party sets sights on next four years at Orlando, Florida meeting

Posted at Constitution Party News blog:

Constitution Party Leaders Plan For Future Growth, Development and Outreach.

The National Committee of the Constitution Party, in concluding its 16th year of operation, and determined not to waste any time in preparing for the next four years, held an important post-election national meeting in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.

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Sean Haugh is no longer employed by the Libertarian Party

http://www.lp.org/staff no longer lists Sean Haugh. Thanks to Susan Hogarth for this news. The budget approved at the recent LNC meeting in San Diego contains significantly less money for staff salaries than the previous budget, and Haugh has been writing articles at Liberty For All which have been highly critical of LP national chair Bill Redpath.… Read more ...