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Florida bill to impose filing fees on write-in candidates

Ballot Access News:

Florida State Senator Fredericka Wilson (D-Miami) has introduced SB 230, to impose filing fees on declared write-in candidates. The Florida legislature does not convene until March, but bills are being introduced now. According to an assistant to Senator Wilson, the Wilson office did not know that courts have struck down filing fees for declared write-in candidates in other states (Maryland, West Virginia, and California).

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Update on Barry Cooper, Libertarian for Attorney General of Texas

Updates emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by campaign manager Joey Dauben, and posted here by Paulie.

In this youtube clip, Cooper and Dauben are on the way to the Alex Jones radio program. Cooper says he is “99% sure” he is running, and says he has a “stash,” but not more than what he can eat – saying he practices the methods he preaches.… Read more ...

Presidential nomination candidate Tom Knapp announces ‘Libertarian Shadow Cabinet,’ appoints three

Posted at Kn@ppster and emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Posted to IPR by Paulie.

POC Thomas L. Knapp

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 23 — As President Barack Obama completes his administration’s move into the White House and his cabinet appointees take their posts, the libertarian opposition gave American life today to a longstanding British tradition — the “shadow cabinet.”

“In the United Kingdom, the political party not in power normally appoints ’shadow ministers’ to speak to issues of public policy,” says Thomas L.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Obama inaugural’s ‘carbon footprint’ five times larger than a coal-fired power plant

Posted by Donny Ferguson at LP.org. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Even though Obama proposes job-destroying tax hikes on employers who emit carbon dioxide, the Institute for Liberty reports his $170 million inauguration had a total “carbon footprint” of 575,000,000 pounds.

According to the EPA, the average American coal-fired power plant produces 10,237,509,070 pounds of CO2 per year.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Congress blocks 15,000 ticketholders from inauguration — and they want to run health care?

posted by Donny Ferguson on Jan 23, 2009 at LP.org. Posted to IPR by Paulie.

The Politico reports California senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to make it up to as many as 15,000 inaugural ticketholders who were blocked from entering the event — by sending them a photo of Barack Obama.… Read more ...

Bob Barr hails Obama orders on Guantanamo, torture, tribunals

Press Release from the Libertarian Party posted to IPR by Paulie.

Barr hails Obama orders on Guantanamo, torture, tribunals

Says steps start process to restore rule of law in America

Former Republican Congressman and Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr, today issued a statement praising executive orders signed yesterday by President Obama ordering the closure of the military detention center at Guantanamo, restoring the practice of treating detainees according to legal norms, firmly stopping the practice of waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and doing away with the military tribunals that denied fundamental due process to detainees since their creation shortly after 911.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: What should we do to save the American economy?

by Darrell L. Castle
Constitution Party 2008 Vice-Presidential Candidate
Posted to IPR by Paulie

Is the current tactic being employed to save the American financial system, the bailout, working? The answer to that question depends on your definition of the word “working”. If by “working” you mean the transferring of the nation’s wealth from working Americans to the bankers; the exponential accumulation of debt that must be repaid with interest by future generations; the destruction of the value of the dollar and with that destruction the lowering of the standard of living of working and retired Americans, creating the conditions that make martial law inevitable and with that declaration of martial law a world currency and world central bank; the nationalization of the American financial system; the ensconcing in positions of power, privilege, and dominance over the system of the very people who caused the crises in the first place, it has worked in spectacular fashion.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: Obama to immediately abolish Mexico City policy, likely fund embryo research, aides confirm

by Kathleen Gilbert
Reposted at http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=843. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 20, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In the hours before Mr. Obama was to take the oath of office, anonymous reports confirmed that the new president intends to immediately open U.S. foreign aid funding to abortion proponents, and begin the process of opening funding to embryonic stem-cell research.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: Letter to President Obama on UN Convention Against Torture

By Ralph Nader and Bruce Fein

Dear Mr. President:

We are writing to urge you to avoid the disregard for international legal obligations that condemned your predecessor.

The issue concerns investigating or prosecuting torture.

The United States ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT) in 1994. Article 12 of the CAT provides: “Each State Party shall ensure that its competent authorities proceed to a prompt and impartial investigation, wherever there is reasonable ground to believe that an act of torture has been committed in any territory under its jurisdiction.”

Former President George W.… Read more ...

Rosa Clemente and the Path of Most Resistance Tour

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Rosa Clemente, 2008 Green candidate for Vice President, announces ‘Path of Most Resistance’ speaking tour

WASHINGTON, DC — Rosa Clemente, the Green Party’s 2008 candidate for Vice President of the United States, has announced a national speaking tour with a focus on Hip Hop conferences, symposiums, town hall meetings, and many other public events, as well as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Latino Heritage Month.… Read more ...

Israeli High Court restores ballot access to two Arab parties

Ballot Access News:

On January 21, the Israeli High Court of Justice restored two political parties to the ballot for the upcoming national elections. See this story. The two parties, United Arab List-Ta’al and Balad, had earlier been banned from the ballot because they advocate separation of church and state.

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Libertarian, Green Parties file brief in North Carolina State Appeals Court

Ballot Access News:

On January 21, the Libertarian and Green Parties filed their brief with the North Carolina State Court of Appeals. The case is Libertarian Party of N.C. et al v State, COA08-1413. The brief focuses mostly on the ballot access laws, but it also includes other election law issues, such as the state’s policy of forcing all minor party registrants to become independents, when their party goes off the ballot.

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