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Alex Walker, Green Party State Senate candidate running in California

Posted at On The Wilder Side

KW: One of my favorite greens from Pennsylvania asked me to support Alex Walker for Senate (in California.) I have some experience with Alex Walker’s work with the national Green Party, and I like the ideas presented at his web-site. Worth checking out.

His web-site is:


Alex Walker — Green Party — Los Angeles
for Senator, California, 26th District

From Alex Walker’s candidate web-site:

My name is Alex Walker and I want to be your Green Party State Senator. The Republican and Democratic parties in California are dysfunctional. Their cluelessness and irresponsibility has brought us to the scariest governmental crises in our lifetime…

Now is the time for A New Politics for a New Century for a New California based on the four pillars of Green Parties around the world: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, and Non-Violence. Join me in this adventure to build a better, greener California for our grandchildren.

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  1. Elsie Andersen Elsie Andersen January 4, 2009

    I wouldn’t be so sure. He may very well surprise a lot of people considering his stand on the Baldwin Hills Oil Field. He will get the support of all my neighbors and the word will spread that we will have someone on the side of the people instead of the oil company, PXP. We know when we are being played by politicians who talk out of both side of their mouths and don’t follow through with promises. We need somebody to really hold PXP accountable and ensure our safety and not sell us out with comprimises that won’t work. We are fed up. Go Alex!!!!

  2. Mike Feinstein Mike Feinstein January 3, 2009

    By a vote of 14-0-0, the Green Party of Los Angeles has endorsed Alex Walker for California State Senate District 26 in the March 4th, 2o09 Special Election.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist January 2, 2009

    He will go nowhere.

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