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Richard Winger joins board of Free and Equal Elections Foundation

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The Free and Equal Elections Foundation

407 S. Dearborn, Ste. 1170

Chicago, Illinois 60605



The Free and Equal Elections Foundation announced today that renowned ballot access crusader Richard Winger has accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of Free & Equal.

Richard Winger is the leading advocate for reforming restrictive ballot access laws across the nation. Winger is regarded as a formidable authority on election law, having testified as such in countless court cases and legislative hearings across the country, and having been published in journals ranging from the Journal of Election Law to the Fordham Urban Law Review.

“We are thrilled to have Richard Winger join the board of directors of Free and Equal,” saidFounder and Chairman of the Board Christina Tobin. “Richard brings with him a wealth of knowledge and an unmatched determination to reform ballot access laws. No one has worked harder to ensure that the voters have a real choice in the ballot box over the last forty years.”

Winger is the editor and publisher of Ballot Access News, a newsletter covering Independent and Third Parties, as well as developments in election law reform. Ballot Access News is published monthly and is available online at


The Free and Equal Elections Foundation is a non partisan, non profit 501c(4) organization dedicated to eliminating restrictive ballot access laws that target Independent and Third-Party Candidates.

On January 21st, 2009, the day after Inauguration Day, Free and Equal will announce an ambitious nationwide campaign to combat restrictive ballot access laws.

Press inquires may be made to, or by phone at (336)-407-3968.

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  1. Steven R Linnabary Steven R Linnabary January 20, 2009

    I want to congratulate Richard. And to thank Christine for asking such an able person to serve on that board.

    I expect to see many good things to come from FREE.

    BTW, as far as I know, Richard is not independently wealthy. If you have it to spare, he could use some help with what he does. And virtually everything that has been good for ballot access has happened because of his inspiration and prodding.

    If you can help go to:


  2. Bill Lussenheide Bill Lussenheide January 20, 2009

    Congratulations Richard. You truly are a class act.

  3. Jeremy Young Jeremy Young January 19, 2009

    Well-deserved on Richard’s part.

  4. Donald Raymond Lake Donald Raymond Lake January 19, 2009

    Libertarian Winger and BAN are secular saints and have provided for years what [so called] Third Party Watch and [so called] Independent Political Report have merely attempted: fair and balanced posting of alternative party, activists, and candidates! Patriotism on two feet!

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

  5. Ross Levin Ross Levin January 19, 2009

    You beat me to it! I was just about to post this.

    Congratulations, Richard.

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