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Steve Kubby: ‘First Obama DEA raid in California: Change?’

First Obama DEA raid in California: Change?
by Steve Kubby
Posted to IPR by Paulie

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided a medical marijuana dispensary today in South Lake Tahoe, California, in the first days of the new Obama Administration. Even though President Barack Obama had made repeated promises during his election campaign to end federal raids in medical marijuana states, a California medical cannabis dispensary, complying with state law, was robbed at gunpoint by DEA officers.

Medical marijuana and an unknown amount of cash was seized during the raid today from Holistic Solutions, but no arrests were made. This first DEA raid under the new Obama Administration is another example of more than 100 raids on medical marijuana providers that have occurred in California over the past two years. While the greatest federal enforcement has occurred in California, the DEA has been active in other states as well. Federal agents raided the Washington State offices of a medical marijuana advocacy group that was supplying starter plants to hundreds of authorized patients. In Oregon, a federal grand jury was used by the DEA to obtain the medical records of several patients, an effort that was later rejected by a federal court. The DEA also went as far as to threaten New Mexico officials for planning to implement that states medical marijuana distribution program.

“I would not have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users,” Senator Obama said in an August 2007 statement. “It’s not a good use of our resources,” he continued. This statement was followed up by Obama in other public events in the run up to the election.

Steve Kubby, Director of the American Medical Marijuana Association said he believes the raid shows the rogue nature of the DEA and called for President Obama to “do the right thing for medical marijuana patients and their providers.”

“Just as Gitmo prisoners have been held without charge and then ‘tried’ in courts where they’re not allowed full rights of the accused, in medical marijuana cases, well-intentioned people are charged with activities that aren’t crimes in California, and denied the chance to present a defense. President Obama did the right thing with closing Guantanamo Bay, let’s hope he will provide similar protection to medical marijuana patients and their providers,” said Kubby.

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  1. John Hanover John Hanover September 1, 2009

    The prisoners at Gitmo are not US citizens and are being held by the transparent veil of prisoners of the War On Terror. As for Obama please everyone wake up. Charisma and personality are never enough to justify false promises he never can deliver. Ok the DEA raids should answer once and for all anyone who thinks the government should run our health care. The Federal government refuses to recognize laws the people of Ca and other states petitioned and voted for in democratic elections. Think they would flexible when it comes to health care ? Medicaid and Medicare are broke thanks to the government’s handling. Wake up people, seriously A-hole Biden is using Obama as his popular face to cover his agenda, especially since he spent millions to keep a seat in De and the other seats they have stolen in the Senate to railroad ” change ” we will be forced to believe in.

  2. libertariangirl libertariangirl April 29, 2009

    Steve Kubby is revered over here Karma returns , go spread your lies somewhere else

  3. Karma returns Karma returns April 29, 2009

    Lies, Lies, Lies is all your about Steve Kubby.

  4. Karma returns Karma returns April 29, 2009

    Where is your sense of humor? Just because you say so doesn’t make it so. Only the Truth will set you free. The whole Universe knows the truth. I say our Karma isn’t finished. Just forward my web address to people who can make a difference and then it will be. I was on your side when you were locked up, they wanted me to testify against you and I wouldn’t.

    I will make it happen without you, I have for all these years. I just thought you grew a great big giving heart after having the blessings you have had. Guess they have taught you nothing. I feel a black hole. I don’t even want to get sucked down into that darkness. I am all about light and the living….Shame on You Steve!

    My Trails are Happy as you can see,

    Mahalo, Sunny

  5. paulie paulie March 27, 2009

    It continues…

    From the desk of Bill Redpath:

    Dear Paul,

    Call it “hypocrisy you can believe in.”

    Less than a week after the Obama administration claimed they were ending the Bush policy of raiding state-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries, DEA agents Wednesday night burst through the doors of the Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco and seized the prescription cannabis the clinic had a lawful permit to dispense to the ill.

    Agents refused to state why the clinic was being raided. The clinic states they are in full compliance with state and local laws, and it holds a permit from the city of San Francisco.

    But apparently Obama, who also said he’ll fight any effort to re-legalize marijuana, doesn’t care about state laws, or the sick and suffering. He’s more than happy to continue the War on Unapproved Drugs.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to fight back.

    Can you help the Libertarian Party protect the rights of voters who approved medicinal marijuana, and the sick and dying who need it with your best gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500, $2,500 or whatever you feel you can afford today? Just click here

    to help fight back.

    The Libertarian Party is America’s only hope to elect public servants who will fight to protect state medicinal marijuana laws. Electing Barack Obama simply guaranteed more of the same.

    For all the talk–and talk–and talk–of change, the Obama Adminstration is quickly proving itself to be the same old, same old–but just a lot more of it. Any hope of real change through the two older political parties is simply magical thinking. Events continue to prove that the only hope of real change in abjectly failed government policies is through the Libertarian Party.

    With your support, we can give pro-medical marijuana candidates the resources, training and support they need to win elections, and then use their authority to stop raids that violate state’s rights and nullify the wishes of voters.

    Can you help us build a Libertarian Party that wins elections by rushing me your most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500, $2,500 or whatever you feel you can afford? All you have to do is click here


    I’m absolutely outraged that the DEA would break into a lawfully-permitted clinic that dispenses legally-approved medicine to the sick, and especially just days after Obama said they wouldn’t.

    The time has come to begin electing Libertarians, not Democrats who carry out anti-voter, anti-states’ rights, anti-freedom Republican policies.

    The Libertarian Party is the only party that is fighting back. Obama has made it clear he not only supports the War on Medical Marijuana, but he even said in a press conference yesterday he’ll fight any effort to sensibly reform drug laws.

    Help us make that happen. Help me fight for your rights by

    clicking here

    to send me your kindest gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500, $2,500, or whatever you feel like you can afford right now.

    Thank you for all your kind support, Paul.

    In liberty,

    William Redpath
    Chair, Libertarian National Committee

    P.S. The DEA is continuing to raid lawfully-permitted medical marijuana clinics, just days after Obama claimed they wouldn’t.

    Your Libertarian Party staunchly opposes this attack on the rights of voters, patients and all Americans, and we’re leading the fight against it.

  6. warren warren February 22, 2009

    dea nazis gestapo all the same meaning.

  7. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | February 5, 2009


    Probably correct. But there’s always hope, however slim.

  8. dave dave February 5, 2009

    Very unlikly that Obama will do anything any different. Biden is the biggest drug war hawk in history. A few in his admin are huge drug war hawks. He fooled the masses with promises.

  9. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | January 30, 2009


    Certainly, that could have some impact, if only I was willing to give the Democrats money otherwise, or lie and tell them I would.


  10. Brinna Brinna January 29, 2009

    Every single public poll supports safe access to medical cannabis by a wide majority. DEA raids on medical cannabis dispensaries target the ill and disabled; are mean spirited; and do nothing to reduce illicit drug use. The public speaks, but politicians don’t listen. But now I have a solution. Ever since I heard about the January raids I have been answering all fund raising phone calls and mail that I get from the Democratic Party with this response:

    “I will not give another cent to the Democratic Party until they support a complete overhaul of our Federal drug policy; stop the Federal persecution of medical cannabis users, providers and caregivers; and remove Cannabis from it present Schedule I classification.”

    When I speak with fundraisers on the phone, I am always polite, but I tell them in no uncertain terms what my position is, and that I will no longer be donating until the party’s policies change, and I ask them to please give this feedback to their supervisors.

    Money talks volumes, and it seems to be a language politicians understand. I am putting that unfortunate reality to work, and hope others do the same.

  11. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | January 28, 2009

    Kubby posted this at

  12. Some Guy Some Guy January 28, 2009

    “Don’t blame Obama, he can’t enact laws or, for that matter, change them. ”

    No, but he can direct the activities of the DEA. It’s his call whether they work on interdiction at the border or rob terminally-ill patients.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  13. harry anslinger harry anslinger January 27, 2009

    Don’t blame Obama, he can’t enact laws or, for that matter, change them. Only congress can do that. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for congree to change the drug laws. Fooled again!

  14. Prospective Advertiser Prospective Advertiser January 23, 2009

    These raiders are increasingly unwilling to charge anyone with a crime. No accused, no rights of the accused. Jerks.

    The government did the same with the raid on Liberty Dollar. They seized gold, silver, platinum, and copper (!) but never charged anyone with a crime. The judge in the case is a real jerk, too, and won’t hold a hearing to consider the merits of the confiscation. He’s put it off for two frickin years already.

    It is not just the DEA which are pirates, it is the entire USA government. They are criminal scum, murderers, thieves, liars, and they all should be up on charges.

  15. Joey Dauben Joey Dauben January 23, 2009

    Steve Kubby has endorsed Barry Cooper for TX Attorney General:

    From Joey Dauben/Campaign Manager: Steve (or whoever can get me in touch with Steve Kubby), would you be willing to endorse’s Barry Cooper for his Texas Attorney General race?


    “The War on Drugs is the disease, Barry Cooper is the cure.”

    -Steve Kubby

  16. warren warren January 23, 2009

    pure Gestapo!

  17. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | January 23, 2009

    From MPP

    Dear Paul F******:

    Yesterday — with the leadership of the Department of Justice in flux while Attorney General-designate Eric Holder awaits confirmation by the Senate — Bush administration holdovers raided a medical marijuana dispensary in South Lake Tahoe, California.

    President Obama vowed repeatedly during his campaign to stop such raids if elected, and we have every reason to believe he will make good on that promise. However, four top positions at the DEA are still filled by Bush cronies, who are attempting to undercut the president’s pledge.

    Would you please take one minute to use MPP’s easy online system to e-mail the president and ask him to get his new leadership in place at the DEA quickly, so that these cruel and outdated policies finally end?

    President Obama has promised that arresting patients and raiding clinics in states where medical marijuana is legal won’t be acceptable on his watch. Getting political appointees in place takes time, but yesterday the Bush holdovers showed that we must move swiftly.

    Please write the White House today
    to urge the president to quickly place his new leaders at the DEA.

    You can see some of the statements the president has made about medical marijuana (generally in response to questions from MPP) here.

    Please send your e-mail

    right away. (You can also call the White House at 202-456-1111.)

    Thank you,

    Kampia signature (e-mail sized)

    Rob Kampia
    Executive Director
    Marijuana Policy Project
    Washington, D.C.

  18. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | January 23, 2009


    If Steve does not see your comment here, you can write him at steve at kubby dot com.

  19. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | January 23, 2009

    from my facebook

    Rob Robinson posted an announcement to the cause End Marijuana Prohibition New York (and beyond)!


    Call and write the White House – Obama has been challenged by the Drug Enforcement Agency on his campaign promise to stop the DEA raids on medical cannabis patients and caregivers in states where protective laws have already been passed:

    Alaska | California | Colorado | Hawaii | Maine | Maryland | Michigan | Montana | Nevada | New Mexico | Oregon | Rhode Island | Vermont | Washington

    On 1-22, DEA raided a medical cannabis dispensary in Tahoe, CA. They are clearly testing him and any positive reinforcement he gets will help him to follow through on this promise.

    Visit :

    to contact Pres. Obama – NY residents can also contact various elected officials on this page.

    Also a link to help write a letter to the editor.

    These laws will not change themselves! It is gonna take us all.

  20. Joey Dauben Joey Dauben January 23, 2009

    Steve (or whoever can get me in touch with Steve Kubby), would you be willing to endorse’s Barry Cooper for his Texas Attorney General race?

  21. Price Price January 23, 2009

    So an American sick with cancer, aids, whatever has less criminal defense than some terrorist who tried to bomb us? Please………George Soros for drub Czar

  22. Donald Raymond Lake Donald Raymond Lake January 23, 2009

    Good report Steve ‘Goofy Grin’ Kubby. For some one whom has pretty much blown every detail of his life, you sure make good copy on the foibles of others. Her’s to you clearing your mind and finding your way!

  23. Ross Levin Ross Levin January 23, 2009

    Agreed, Ben. It’s only been a few days, which doesn’t give Obama time to make changes in too many places, and I don’t think this really tops his priority list right now.

  24. Ben Ben January 23, 2009

    It should be noted that while bush is out of office, his DEA appointments are still there, it will take awhile to see if Obama changes the DEA game plan, or allows them to continue busting patients. Give him a few months, but I’m not holding my breath. While this administration seems to be able to talk in complete sentinces, he;s still a politician. But I’m hopeful that he is in fact, a change.

  25. Drumbum420 Drumbum420 January 23, 2009

    Actually he has talked about how bad it is working and such…enough to see where he stands….question is if he will do anything about it like he said

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