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Green California mayor forced to make tough budget decisions

Marina, California has been hit hard by the economic crisis we are currently experiencing, with the city’s revenues falling by $1.6  million and spending decreasing by $3.3 million.  Tough decisions are being made by the Green Party mayor Bruce Delgado and the city council.

The city’s revenue is estimated to be $25.7 million, while the spending totals $29.2 million. … Read more ...

Hawaii Nader case will be revived

from Ballot Access News
Hawaii Nader Case Will be Revived
March 30th, 2009

Ralph Nader’s 2004 Hawaii ballot access case has been in the 9th circuit since last year. The chief issue is whether it is constitutional for Hawaii to require six times as many signatures for an independent presidential candidate as for an entire new party.

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Green Light For Florida Green Party Investigations

The Green Party of Florida received permission yesterday to investigate the “Florida Five,” five candidates who payed their filing fees at the very last minute, in contested state legislature races. There is belief that the candidates were all Republican plants, but there’s no complete evidence.

Here’s an excerpt:

Pasco County Circuit Judge Stanley Mills is allowing the Greens to subpoena testimony and records to get to the bottom of who, if anyone, was behind the effort, although the candidates ultimately had little or no impact on the elections.

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Internal fighting and the International Committee at GP-US

At the Green Party of the United States (GP-US) website,  a document is posted that is a draft proposal to the GP-US National Committee. The proposal is in a discussion phase, and may be refined by the consensus process before being voted on.  The proposal was submitted by the state of California, where Mike Feinstein, a character in the background story of the proposal, is a delegate.… Read more ...

Outright Libertarians responds to LPCA Domestic Partnership Initiative endorsement

Noting the federal government’s lack of recognition for civil domestic partnerships, Outright Libertarians has issued a press release highlighting the social consequences, and price tag, of the proposed Domestic Partnership Initiative recently endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California:

“The federal government does not recognize ‘domestic partnerships’ in federal law, through both legal precedent and statutes including the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA),” noted Outright Libertarians’ National Chair, Rob Power.

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