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Former EPA Administrator Chris Daggett runs for Governor of New Jersey as an Independent

Chris Dagget has held top environmental posts under former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, as well as under Presidential Ronald Reagan. He was New Jersey’s Commissioner of Environmental Protection, and has gone on to do significant work in environmental fields. He claims he has become disillusioned with the two major parties and wants to run for Governor independently of those parties. Daggett is not aiming low, though, he wants to raise a hefty sum of money.

Daggett, who changed his party affiliation this year, says he wants to raise $3.6 million to qualify for public matching funds so that he can run a $10.9 million campaign for governor. 

“I’m going to file,” he said. “I will go down the road to see if I can get support. We haven’t had a truly viable third party candidate, and we need one. There are 1.7 million Democrats in this state and 1 million Republicans, but 2.4 million voters are unaffiliated.” 

Dr. Brigid Harrison, professor of political science at Montclair State University, said third party candidates for governor historically create little substantial effect. If anything, Christie (presuming he’s the GOP nominee) would probably take a bigger vote hit than Gov. Jon Corzine from Daggett, she said.

More here on Daggetts views, his goals, and his statements concerning his opponents. He has no website yet, nor have any supporting websites sprung up.


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  1. Susan Hogarth Susan Hogarth March 5, 2009

    3.6 plus ‘matching funds’ = 10.9? A 2:1 match? What a deal.

    “We haven’t had a truly viable third party candidate, and we need one.”

    Either there is some mixup about third-party versus independent going on here, or the reporter flubbed the story.

  2. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | March 5, 2009


    Most people use the world “third party” to refer to a simply third-approach, rather than an actual electoral party. This probably comes from the use of the phrase “third party” to describe an intermediary in business dealings.

  3. Alexander Higgins Alexander Higgins August 22, 2009

    A viable third party indeed. We need to fight this mentality:

    If you can’t choose an candidate choose the one who will do least harm

    How ridiculous … I have a much better Idea

    Let’s say no to the lesser of two evil politics that got us into this mess in the first place and vote for Daggett!!

    Corzine has a track record that speaks for itself. And we are all disgusted by the corruption that has plagued our state under his watch. But what’s the only thing NJ voter’s despise more than corruption? Corruption and Hypocrisy and that’s what we find with Chris Christie.

    Those of you who still believe in Christie as a crusader against corruption, don’t be surprised as more of his skeletons come out of the closet. You need only do a little due diligence for yourself, as I did after I decided that I was not going to vote for Corzine, to learn that Chris Christie is Corrupt.

    Make a difference. Vote For DAGGETT!!! And tell a friend about it

    In fact, I am going to go over to the Sierra Club’s website and find out information about donating to their organization.

  4. jackie jackie October 18, 2009

    can u put your answers in bilets and put what main things your going to do for the nj taxes and environmentand helth care please and thank you

  5. dominic dominic October 25, 2009

    if i was doing homework i would have got 0 answers

  6. dominic dominic October 25, 2009

    DAGGETT RULES!!!!!!!

  7. dominic dominic October 25, 2009

    can u put what u say on tv on the com

  8. Ross Levin Ross Levin October 25, 2009

    Who are you talking to?

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