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Sat. April 4th: Local and national parties join UFPJ to march for peace in NYC

Just as several third party groups endorsed the March 21st “March on the Pentagon” events in Washington, DC and in Los Angeles, a number of political groups and third parties have endorsed the United for Peace and Justice march in New York City for April 4th.

The event details are: Saturday, April 4, 2009, with step-off at 12 noon.… Read more ...

Greens Blast Move to Repeal IL Nuclear Moratorium

h/t to my co-blogger, Ian Wilder, who published this story at www.onthewilderside.com

Green Party blasts legislative move to repeal Nuclear Moratorium; Calls attempt an effort to undermine Renewable Energy

Green Party leaders condemned legislative attempts to repeal the Illinois moratorium against new nuclear production.  House Bill 875 and Senate Bill 2162 would delete the provision in state law prohibiting the construction of new nuclear facilities until the nuclear waste storage issue is resolved.… Read more ...

Green Party electing campaign committees

The Green National Committee is currently voting to choose members of the Green Party’s Senatorial Campaign Committee and House Campaign Committee. This is a re-vote, occasioned by the failure to reach a quorum on an earlier vote.

Both the Senatorial and the House votes have now reached the quorum requirement, so the only question remaining is, who will be elected?… Read more ...

Radio: Constitution Party 2008 Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin

Posted at http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=909

Constitution Party 2008 Presidential Candidate, Chuck Baldwin, will be on the Dave Levine Show Tuesday, April 7 7:00-7:30p.m. Central

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PatriotsHeartNetworkRead more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation members participate in gay rights march

From the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

As LGBT people around the country await the California Supreme Court ruling on the legality of Proposition 8, around 40 activists set foot on a five-day march from San Francisco to Sacramento to call for its repeal and to build solidarity with other communities.

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Libertarian National Committee Chair statement on FY10 budget passage

Press release posted at LP.org. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

WASHINGTON – Libertarian National Committee (LNC) Chair William Redpath released the following statement Friday concerning the passage of a $3.5 trillion budget by Congress last night:

“Yesterday’s passage of a $3.5 trillion budget, stuffed full of wasteful and unconstitutional spending and funded by prosperity-killing tax hikes and deficits, will drive up inflation and is a defeat for families, taxpayers and employers.”

“This budget not only racks up unsustainable levels of spending, it burdens our already-suffering economy by running a $9.3 trillion cumulative deficit over 10 years – three times higher than the deficits run up by George W.

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Green running for Congress in Chicago participates in Wednesday night debate

Matt Reichel – the Green Party candidate for Congress in the April 7th special election in Chicago, who has previously been covered here and here -participated in a short televised debate against his opponents on Wednesday night.  Both the Democrat and Republican who Reichel is competing against were there, on a 13-minute segment on a public broadcasting channel.… Read more ...

Cindy Varela Henderson, Peace and Freedom Party candidate, running in California special election

Ballot Access News:

California will hold a run-off special election to fill the vacant State Senate seat, 26th district, on May 19. The district is in Los Angeles County. The three candidates on the ballot will be Democrat Curren Price, Republican Nachum Schifren, and Peace & Freedom Party member (Cindy) Varela Henderson.

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LPNC PR: Restaurant owners choked by own second-hand smoke

A press release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

Restaurant owners choked by own second-hand smoke

RALEIGH (April 3) — Restaurant owners and their lobbyists are choking on the second-hand smoke wafting from the back rooms of the North Carolina General Assembly, said a Libertarian Party of North Carolina spokesman.Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: Bill would give Obama administration absolute power to dictate private sector pay

Posted by Donny Ferguson at LP.org. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is sponsor of the “Pay for Performance Act,” a bill that gives the Treasury Secretary absolute power to confiscate “obscene salaries” from every employee of a private company that accepted bailout funds.

Somewhere Hugo Chavez is kicking himself for not thinking of this.… Read more ...

Indianapolis Libertarians blast GOP-sponsored tax hikes, bailouts

Press release at LP.org. Posted to IPR by Paulie.

NDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Senator Luke Kenley (R) and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (R) presented the State’s plan to bail out the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board (CIB) today. Instead of asking the users of CIB properties in Indianapolis to step up and pay their fair share first, lawmakers will be considering a statewide increase of alcohol taxes, ticket taxes, food and beverage taxes, and the Innkeepers tax.… Read more ...

Green Party considers online elections

Sponsored by the Green Party of Colorado,, Resolution 383 would provide for the election of party co-chairs by an online voting system during the annual national meeting. The resolution has been seen by some as a possible disincentive to attend the annual meeting in person, which may help explain the current 35 to 33 vote, with 7 abstentions.… Read more ...