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Tax Day ‘Tea Party’ Astrology: Mars conjunct Uranus

Astrologer Jude Cowell writes in Stars Over Washington:

Across America this April 15 ‘Tax Day Tea Party’ rallies are being staged at town halls and state capital buildings (most are at noon) to protest spendthrift deficit government spending – some sources say ‘stimulus package’ also which in my book has to include the Bush administration – and massive bailouts (which definitely include the Bush administration.)

Over taxation is an allied issue as well but this may be where people like Newt Gingrich show their hands because the rich fear financing the poor and needy.

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Mayor Bloomberg seeks the Working Families Party nomination in re-election bid

A truly trans-partisan man, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has moved from being a registered Republican to an independent while in office, and has ran on the Republican, Independence, and Liberal Party ballot lines.  Now he is seeking the nomination of the Working Families Party, which usually cross-nominates Democrats and occassionally runs their own candidates. … Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: ‘The Big Business/Big Government Axis of Evil’

By Chuck Baldwin

Self-proclaimed “conservatives” love to tout themselves as ardent supporters of the “free enterprise” system. In the name of “capitalism,” they support any and every piece of legislation or governmental decision that caters to business–especially Big Business. Favorite policies of these folks include anything and everything that calls itself “free trade.” Furthermore, these same “conservatives” will support just about anything and everything that is said to advance the so-called “global economy.”

Needless to say, in the name of “free trade” millions of American jobs and thousands of American manufacturing plants have been outsourced to foreign countries and interests.… Read more ...

Green California mayor pushes for green building requirements

The city of Richmond, California is on its way toward passing a law that would require any new construction to meet a minimum threshhold of environmental friendliness.  The city of over 100,000 is the largest in the country to have a Green Party mayor, and she is backing the effort.  Mayor Gayle McLaughlin said, “The cost savings in terms of energy cost savings is truly the reason we go forward with this. … Read more ...

Libertarians applaud steps toward marriage equality

Press release at LP.org reposted to IPR by Paulie.

America’s third largest party wants government out of marriage entirely

WASHINGTON – America’s third largest party Monday praised officials in Iowa, Vermont and the District of Columbia for taking recent steps toward marriage equality, and urged legislators in all states to scrap government licensing, taxation and regulation of marriage.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: we had the Tea Party idea first

LP Monday Message: Are you coming to the Tea Party, Paul?
Your Monday Message from the Libertarian Party:

Dear friend,

Will you be attending a Tea Party this Wednesday?

Many Libertarians will, and millions of Americans will be joining them.

I’m, of course, referring to the thousands of “Tax Day Tea Parties” that will be held across the nation on April 15, to coincide with the filing deadline for individual income tax returns.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: ‘Somali pirates — you lose’

2008 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Bob Barr writes in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I’ll be writing more very shortly regarding the issue of dealing with Somali pirates, but I have just two words in reaction to the manner in which President Obama dealt with those who hijacked the Maersk Alabama and kidnapped its American captain — Well Done!

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Third Party candidate and adult film star Marilyn Chambers dead at age 56

The AP, Sassyqarla entertainment news, and other media outlets report that the body of Marilyn Chambers, whose real name is Marilyn Ann Taylor, was found at her home Sunday evening. Sassyqarla reports that no foul play is expected, but an autopsy will be performed.

As noted at the archives of www.politics1.com and at Wikipedia.org, Marilyn Ann Taylor ran for Vice President of the United States in 2004, on the “Personal Choice Party” ticket, a quasi libertarian party.… Read more ...

Former Senator Bob Smith to run in Florida

We’ve previously reported that Bob Smith was considering a run for US Senate in either New Hampshire or Florida. He has made a final decision regarding the location, but not about whether he will actually run. The former Senator says, in this video (embedded below), that he wants to balance budgets, decrease the national debt, right to life, smaller government, lower taxes.… Read more ...

Alan Keyes claims Ron Paul learned of Federal Reserve from him

Alan Keyes, in this video, which i’ll embed below, explains his opposition to the Federal Reserve. He claims, at the 1:20 minute mark, that Ron Paul learned of the problems with the Federal Reserve from him.

Dr. Alan Keyes is being lambasted across the blogosphere for this off-handed comment. Rep. Ron Paul has been speaking critically of the Federal Reserve since at least 1976 when he founded his Foundation for Rational Economics and Education.… Read more ...