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Reverend Billy video release on Sunday

Reverend Billy Talen’s campaign – he is running as a Green for mayor of New York City – will be hosting a party at their headquarters for the release of a new “singing endorsement” video.  Here is a preview they have put online:

Sunday May 3rd, come to 250 Lafayette at 5:00pm.  

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New Mexico Secretary of State rules on minor parties

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News
New Mexico Secretary of State Says Greens are Not a Qualified Party

April 27th, 2009

On April 27, the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office said that it recognizes the Independent Party and the Constitution Party as being ballot-qualified. It said the Green Party and the Libertarian Party are not ballot-qualified.… Read more ...

Ron Paul donates $500 to COFOE

Richard Winger has posted on his blog,, that Texas Congressman and former Libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul has donated $500 to COFOE, the Coalition for Free and Open Election. This is the single largest donation ever given to the organization, which has lobbied, litigated, and advanced better ballot access laws for the past twenty-four years.… Read more ...

Green Party elected official Tony Palmeri named Deputy Mayor

(excerpt from) Green Party Watch
Tony Palmeri Named Deputy Mayor

Tony Palmeri, re-elected to the Oshkosh Common Council on April 7, was nominated by new Mayor Paul Esslinger and elected Deputy Mayor on a 4-2 vote of the Council. Mayor Esslinger had often sided with Palmeri on issues over the last two years although Esslinger is a conservative and Palmeri is a Green…

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California Libertarian Party Convention: Day 2

77 delegates convened on Sunday morning.  Chair Kevin Takenaga, Northern Vice-Chair Rich Newell, and Southern Vice-Chair Zander Collier were re-elected by acclamation.  Gale Morgan and Brian Darby were nominated for Treasurer, and Darby won 31-30.  Morgan was afterwards nominated for Secretary and was elected by acclamation.

Santa Clara University Economics Professor Fred Foldvary spoke about how the current economic crisis is not a market failure. … Read more ...

New Jersey Libertarians Run Ken Kaplan for Governor

from Ballot Access News
New Jersey Libertarians Run Ken Kaplan for Governor
April 26th, 2009

On Sunday, April 26, the New Jersey Libertarian Party nominated Ken Kaplan for Governor. Kaplan had also run for that position as a Libertarian in 1993.

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Modern Whigs in the news

The Modern Whig Party has recently been covered by the News and Observer in North Carolina and online at the Instapundit, a right wing blog.  At the News and Observer, it was in a Sunday Op-Ed piece by Rob Christensen:

I thought, what next — horse-drawn carriages, hoop skirts, war with Mexico?

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Wayne Root Running For Chair of Libertarian Party

2008 Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Wayne Root announced tonight at the LP of California annual convention that he will be running for Chair of the LP at its 2010 national convention in St. Louis.

Root still plans to run for the 2012 LP Presidential nomination.  In his energetic speech to an LPCA fundraising banquet tonight, he also said that he has changed his mind and now supports is open to the Fair Tax. … Read more ...

California Libertarian Party Convention: Day 1

Saturday’s breakfast talk was by Chris Agrella, running for Congress in the May 19 special election in district 32. His theme was resistance to the incumbent political structure. He pointed out that the original American revolutionaries could resist the government with arms on a relatively level playing field, but that now we must resist with election campaigns.… Read more ...

Cindy Sheehan’s statement to SF End the Fed rally

Former independent Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan has blogged the following address to be read at San Francisco’s local End the Fed demonstration, part of a nationwide coordination of protests being held today outside of all Federal Reserve branches:

Here we are again in front of the Federal Reserve today demanding that the Robber Class change its “evil ways.”

Thanks for coming out today, but chances that the Robber Class will shut down the Fed and coin money that is debt free and more egalitarian are slim to none; or fat to zero!

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Cynthia McKinney’s work for Truth recognized in media

On April 28th, 2009, the installation of a statue of Sojourner Truth will make her the first African American woman to have a memorial bust in the United States Capitol building.

2008 Green Party candidate for U.S. President, Cynthia McKinney, has been noted in various media as a supporter of this project.… Read more ...

At the 100 day mark, chart shows Obama’s approval with independent voters

At the Atlantic, columnist Andrew Sullivan notes that a crucial barometer for President Obama, as the 100 day mark is reached, is Obama’s approval rating among independents and Republicans. Two charts showing that information are published without comment.

Link to chart at The Atlantic: Obama And Independents
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