Voter registration stats for AZ include third party figures

(excerpt from) Arizona Republic
Arizona voter registration grows to nearly 3.1 million

by Mary Jo Pitzl / Apr. 21, 2009

…[In the state of Arizona] From last November’s election through April 1, voter registration rose by more than 100,000 people, or 3.4 percent, according to figures from the Arizona Secretary of State….

Republicans continue to dominate the voter rolls, with 1,137,262 voters, but the party posted the smallest percentage gain, up 1.7 percent.

Democrats were next, with 1,046,140 voters, up 2.3 percent.

The largest percentage gain was among Libertarians, who posted an 11.6 percent gain in registration, for a total of 20,256 voters.

The Green Party, which gained ballot status last year, boosted its numbers 5 percent, to 4,210 voters.

Voters who are unaffiliated with any party continue to be the third-largest voting group in Arizona, with 880,128 voters, a 6.8 percent gain from November…

At Ballot Access News, there is more information about the implications of these figures on the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, and their requirements for ballot access in Arizona for 2010. That story is: here.

And, in a related story here at Independent Political Report, the Constitution Party is trying to get in the act by petitioning now for qualified party status in Arizona for 2010. Story is here.

26 thoughts on “Voter registration stats for AZ include third party figures

  1. a different paul

    That growth rate is encouraging, but the real numbers delta between LPers and the major parties only highlights again the difficulties facing the LP. The major parties are about 50 times bigger.

    Look at this in terms of volunteers. Don’t know what the actual figures are, but let’s say 1 out of every 100 party members will volunteer for some party activity. That gives the major parties ten thousand volunteers, and the LP two hundred.

    The question is how do those independent voters break. If a third are at least somewhat sympathetic to libertarian positions, that could cut down the percentage disparity significantly.

  2. Richard Winger

    The reason Arizona Libertarian registration went up over 2,000, since the November 2008 election, is that the party is doing a registration drive. The Arizona Libertarians need to do this, or they will be removed from the ballot. See the BAN post about this.

  3. d.eris

    “The question is how do those independent voters break.” Unfortunately, it seems they tend to break for either the Republicans or Democrats come election day. Many of them are not so independent that they would vote for an alternative to the duopoly candidates in a given race. I think the question is: how to organize them via outreach?

  4. a different paul

    d. eris – what do they care about? I’m not there, so I don’t know. But the saying is all politics are local.

    As for the ‘how,’ once you know the issues and the talking points you’re going to emphasize, then the outreach mechanics can start with the usual stuff.

    Organize the precincts – basically if a party member lives in any given precinct and is willing, you have at least an initial precinct captain. And that precinct captain can do door knocking, attend local meetings, whatever gets him in contact with the people of the precinct. Over time, build up contact lists of supporters and those who might be supportive on any given focus issue.

    These contact lists are essential. For instance, I’ve heard it said that the single most important activity in any election is GOTV. You can’t GOTV if you don’t already know who your voters are.

  5. David F. Nolan

    I am currently Chair of the Pima County, AZ, Libertarian Party. We have a registration drive underway, and expect to add enough new registrants to easily exceed 2/3% in Pima County. Since Maricopa County (Phoenix and environs) makes up well over half of the state population, however, the bulk of the new registrations must come from there. It is my understanding that they will meet their quota.

  6. Donald Raymond Lake

    PTK: beware of unintended consequences. Remember, Arid Zona was one of the few 20th Century entities to out right elect a non Dem and non GOP governor.

    That’s the good news. The bad news is that Car Dealer Ev Meakum turned out to ba ‘room temperature IQ’ wacko. He did not last one term.

    With in living memory, South West citizens are going to have ‘here we go again’ whispering in the back of their heads. I take no joy in saying this, but I lived thru it [and the Terry Goddard hassel and the Governor Symington debacle] and speak from first hand experience……

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

  7. Gary Fincher

    Mr. Lake,

    PLEASE don’t mention “room temperature” and “wacko” in the same sentence,when dealing with some bloggers on here.

    You DON’T want to get him started.

    Just a friendly heads-up.

  8. paulie

    Nope, no misprint, no guilty conscience, and no suspect.

    Just Gary shitting on the carpet, as usual.

    And look who he’s buddying up to…pathetic!

  9. christy was here

    I wanted you all to know what a terrible job Andy Jacobs did here. This may contribute to the fact as to why so few were gathered in such a short amount of time. He refused to work with the gentleman running the program saying he was an a@@ hole hiring gibronies because the gentleman had hired Debrah Dellarocha. Debrah has been longstanding member of party and worked hard there for the party. Andy did not feel that no libertarians, those that were not paying members should recieve any money to work on petition drives out there, in this case ballot access in a high area. I highly recommend not hiring this guy. Ever since we worked together he has been harassing me saying he is in love with me and calling my folks. He is extremely unprofessional and has caused strife in my life. Word of warning if you are planning on working with him.

  10. Gary Fincher

    Andy Jacobs does quality work and has some of the highest validity known to petitioning. His validity is routingely in the 90% range.

    On that AZ voter registation drive in question, Andy did not “refuse to work with” the gentleman who had hired Debrah Dellarocha. In actuality, it was Debrah Dellarocha, not Andy, who refused to work with that gentleman. That gentleman had issued terms for the LPers working on the drive NOT to hire any mercs – and that order was repeated to multiple LPers. Yet Dellarocha ignored the rules and violated those rules. Dellarocha caused problems by this defiant action.

    I highly recommend that anyone DO hire this guy.

    The personal soap opera going on between the female poster of this (whom I also know, respect and would recommend to hire) of this message and Andy does NOT make him unprofessional in his work dealings, and has no place on a politicl blog, moreover.

  11. libertariangirl

    asshole , hot-tempered , doesnt play well with others…
    SO WHAT. can he get the damn signitures , thats all that matters . Id take a huge headache for someone who kicks ass.

    in addition , the LP is a small house , with very few opportunities for petition , registration drive workers. the other parties have ample opportunities and the many , many folks who do this work have all those to choose from .
    On the other hand a LP worker will have very few if any chance of working in any mainstream petition work . Ive been blackballed from certain political work for being LP and Im certain petitioners would be also.

    we should keep what few opportunities we generate completely in-house , with LP workers and activists

  12. libertariangirl

    I would recommend avoiding saying sean haugh or lee wrights in his presence. unless its something like haugh and wrights said you could never ever get 300 sigs in a day…lol

  13. Andy

    Here’s Jim March of the Arizona Libertarian Party who personally saw me work at 2 gun shows in Tucson.

    Re: Andy Jacobs’ great work @ gun showSaturday, March 7, 2009 6:28 PM
    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified”Jim March” Add sender to ContactsTo:, thatpetitionguy@yahoo.comCc: contains attachmentslibertarian registration sheet.pdf (444KB)Andy absolutely kicks ass at this.

    I watched him take at least 20+ of these and I can tell you this is a
    very high-grade pile – existing voters who are already politically
    aware. I would be surprised if the failure rate crosses 20% and I
    suspect it will be much less…this is a grade-A primo stack of paper.

    Let me make a suggestion here: if it’s OK with him, I’d say pay him
    up-front for at least 2/3rds of these, and then when we get the
    “success rate feedback” forms from Pima’s Recorder, we then settle up
    accounts for any more. Upshot is, he won’t have to wait until the
    Recorder finishes for most of the money, BUT he’ll still in the end
    only be paid for those that are successful.

    I gave him eight sheets worth of the “voter name turn-in sheet” forms
    I developed for the Pima recorder’s office, and am also giving him the
    .PDF of the form and a dozen more such sheets tomorrow AM. Since I’m
    CCing him here I’ll include that as an attachment. (Note that it can
    be printed in B&W and still work.)

    I’m also doing him a one-page flyer on “Election Observation and the
    Pima LP”, I’m drafting it now.

    Look, this guy is SO much better at this than me it ain’t even funny.
    By far the most effective thing I can do is just make sure Adam is
    able to operate full-tilt, helping handle logistics, housing,
    documents, etc. If he needed me to walk his dang dog I’d do that :).

    This ONE guy just working the gun shows can net us all the
    registrations we need both Pima and *statewide*. It’s like watching
    Michaelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel :). Or more seriously, the
    dude could give the “Shamwow” guy on TV a run for his money :D.


  14. Andy

    Here’s David Euchner of the Arizona LP on my validity.

    “your latest batch of regsThursday, April 23, 2009 8:37 AM
    From: “” Add sender to Contacts To: thatpetitionguy@yahoo.comCc: 1.jim.march@gmail.comThe Recorder’s office notified me yesterday that your latest batch of regs had been completed. 57 out of 61 were good. Of the other four, two did not provide proof of citizenship, one gave a business address & wrong tel #, and one was out of county. Still, 57 out of 61 is remarkable!

    How shall I get a check to you for $342.00, are you in town now or shall I mail it? Also, will you be at the gun show the weekend of May 2-3?

    Thanks again


    Here is long time Libertarian Mark Pickens (a guy who I have worked with on petition drives on multiple occassions) on my work.

    LP Registration DriveSunday, December 21, 2008 3:15 AM
    From: “Mark Pickens

    I haven’t forgotten about the LP registration drive, but I’ve been swamped with work at ISIL. That, and having no car, has me paralyzed.

    I would like to bring in Andy Jacobs. I’ve known him for years and have lived and worked with him for months at a stretch. He works long hours and is highly productive. He understands Libertarian philosophy and I’ve always seen him represent issues appropriately.

    I realize there’s been tension between him and Sean Haugh, but if you knew the full story you’d realize how severely Andy was provoked.

    I have always seen Andy behave professionally on the job.

    If he’s here, I’ll be able to get into the field myself – at least part of the time. Should I ask him to come?

    Mark Pickens”

  15. Jim Davidson

    Very impressive results in Arizona.

    The LP seems to have registered almost as many new voters as the Democrats. And if I’m not mistaken, a few more than the Republicans. A trend that should be supported and extended.

  16. paulie

    @ 24 Thanks Jim, but note the date on that comment was April 21, while I was still in Alabama with good internet access. And re; #9, LPWV has received another …ahem…interesting snail-mail from Mr. Lake. We’ll see if we can post that sometime soon.

    Regarding some subsequent comments, I also vouch for Andy’s work. As far as anything else, as with anyone, your mileage may vary.

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