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Peter Schiff’s comments to the CT Libertarian Party

Peter Schiff, renowned economist and rumored 2010 Senatorial candidate, spoke to the Connecticut Libertarian Party on Saturday. Here is a blog post about it featuring the video of his short speech to the convention.

This speech has quickly become controversial because in it Schiff advises that the Libertarian Party members work within the Republican Party.… Read more ...

Peace & Freedom Party to hold national organizing conference

The Peace & Freedom Party describes itself as “California’s feminist socialist political party.” They nominated Ralph Nader for President in the 2008 elections.

from Ballot Access News
Peace & Freedom Party Plans National Organizing Conference

The Peace & Freedom Party is hosting a Conference in San Francisco on Saturday, August 1, to advance its hopes of building a nationwide political party.

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Prohibition Party national meeting will be June 17-18 in Tennessee

Politics 1 says:  “The Prohibition Party — founded in 1869 and billing themselves as ‘America’s Oldest Third Party’ — espouses a generally ultra-conservative Christian social agenda mixed with anti-drug and international anti-communist views.”

from Ballot Access News
Prohibition Party Sets National Committee Meeting

The Prohibition Party holds a national committee meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 17-18.

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