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Mike Gravel interviewed in South Korea on “Let’s Talk Pusan”

Former Democratic Senator and Libertarian presidential candidate Mike Gravel is on a trip to South Korea, trying to bring about a national ballot initiative system there.  He was interviewed recently on the show “Let’s Talk Pusan.”  You can listen here – the interview itself is in English, just click play on the player underneath the number one.

The first half of the interview is about Mike Gravel himself and his political career, while the second half is about direct democracy, South Korea and its government, and why South Korea is likely to adopt a national initiative system.

(Full disclosure:  I was a volunteer for Mike Gravel’s presidential campaign and I’m a volunteer for his campaign for national ballot initiatives in the United States.  I’m also helping his effort in South Korea in a very small way.)


  1. Melty Melty May 12, 2009

    I just got off the phone with the man. It’s in the works. Thanx IPR.

  2. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | May 12, 2009

    If you want him to speak at your college or anywhere else, email me ( ) and I’ll hook you up 🙂

  3. libertariangirl libertariangirl May 12, 2009

    Nevada went with Gravel at LP Nat con until he was out . he ‘s a good man , bit of a bad temper though , he got kicked out of the press room . lol
    hes’ got fire , and i like that

  4. Melty Melty May 12, 2009

    got contact inf

  5. jason jason May 12, 2009

    Hell, college? I’ll invite him to come crash at my place in Cheongju.

  6. Melty Melty May 12, 2009

    Wow! Contact inf? What’s the best way for me to contact him immediately to invite him to my college here on the peninsula?

  7. Morgan Brykein Morgan Brykein May 12, 2009

    He seems similar to me ideologically – a refugee from the Democratic Party with some of their ideas.

  8. mdh mdh May 11, 2009

    I like Mike, too. I had dinner with him after our WV state convention a year ago today. Really decent guy, who genuinely cares about people.

  9. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | May 11, 2009

    H/T to James R.

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