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“Which Way Forward For The Black Left?” panel with Cynthia McKinney on May 31st

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In Commemoration of Hubert Harrison:
The Voice of Early 20th Century Harlem Radicalism

Which Way Forward for the Black Left?
A Critical Analysis of Obama’s Presidency & the State of Black Politics
Sunday, May 31. 2009
2 to 5 PM
St. Mary’s Church, 521 West 126th Street
(Between Amsterdam Avenue and Old Broadway)


Cynthia McKinney, Presidential candidate 2008 and former US Congresswoman;
Glen Ford,
Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report;
Professor Tony Monterio,
African American Studies Department, Temple  University;
Margaret Kimberly,
Senior Columnist, Black Agenda Report;
Nellie Bailey,
Harlem Tenants Council;


Author Adolph Reed, Jr (among his work ‘Class Notes’, and co-author of the forthcoming Renewing Black Intellectual History: The Ideological & Material Foundations of Black American Thought). Others to be announced!

New York City Council Proclamation Presented Posthumous to Hubert Harrison. Accepted by Harrison’s  Family:   Charles Richardson (Grandson);  Ilva Harrison (Grand-daughter); & Yvette Richardson (Great Grand-daughter).   (Remarks by Jeffrey B. Perry, Author  of “A Harrison Reader”& “Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism 1883 to 1918”).

This event is also in tribute to the Lore & Legacy of Mamadou Chenyelu, Journalist, Publisher and Author of “Harlem Ain’t Nothing But a Third World Country” who made his transition on April 4, 2009 in Silver Spring, Maryland after a long bout of illness.

For additional information contact: Nellie Hester Bailey 212-663-5248 or email: harlemtenants at gmail dot com or nelliehester at yahoo dot com. Visit websites:www.


  1. Pamela Lichele Lewis Pamela Lichele Lewis May 10, 2009

    With the world in the condition that it is in, how does a President of a major party fines time to sit on a panel that is not open to everyone to partake or listen.?

  2. Donald Raymond Lake Donald Raymond Lake May 11, 2009

    Patricia LaMarshe, quiet, stealth, pro DNC operative.

    Cynthia McKinney, love her or hate her [plenty of things I do not care for], at least she is out there creating heat and light and other commotion!

    Citizens For AQ Better Veterans Home

  3. John John May 11, 2009


  4. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 12, 2009

    The Green Party is one of the three “Major Minor” parties–and is a Major Party in San Fransisco, some areas of New York and Wisconsin, and Washington DC.

  5. Green Ferret Green Ferret May 12, 2009

    The Green Party has had 4 mayors in New York, but the NYSGP doesn’t even have ballot status at present… apparently the NY Greens are not considered a major party by the Board of Elections.

    I’d say the Greens qualify as a major party in Arkansas, where they’ve elected a state representative and polled over 20% for a US Senate race in 2008.

    In a number of cities including Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Madison, the Greens are becoming the second party.

    In California, the Greens should be considered a major party. Over 100,000 Californians are registered Greens. Also, there have been a number of Green mayors in California cities, including the current mayor of Richmond, a city of 100,000.

    The Maine Green-Independent Party could also be considered a major party. Maine Greens have elected a state representative and numerous local officials in Portland, the largest city.

  6. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 12, 2009

    Green Ferret,

    I consider them to be a “Major Party” If they routinely place ahead of either the Republicans or Democrats. To my knowledge, that doesn’t happen much in California, St. Louis, Minneapolis, etc.

    Madison, Wisconsin and Oshkosh are the areas of Wisconsin I was referring to.

    But Maine is a good addition.

  7. Baltimore Greens Baltimore Greens May 12, 2009

    In Baltimore’s last city election, the Green Party’s two candidates got more combined votes than the Republican Party’s seven candidates combined. In Baltimore we are the second party.

  8. Green Ferret Green Ferret May 13, 2009


    The Greens in California have won many contested, partisan elections. When they win, it’s usually against Democrats, since the Repubs don’t bother to run in many Northern CA areas.

    By the way, in the 2005 mayoral election in Albany, NY, Alice Green pulled 25% for the Greens while the Repub managed 5%.

    St. Louis is another city where the GOP doesn’t even try. I haven’t followed STL closely, but I still would rank the Greens #2 after the Dems in terms of activity, since a Green got >20% for mayor recently and they run more candidates for local office than anyone besides the Ds.

    In Minneapolis, Cam Gordon won a seat on the city council against the DFL (Minnesota Dems). Farheen Hakeem got >30% for state leg against a DFLer in a Minneapolis district.

    There are also many Chicago Greens pulling decent numbers against the Daley machine, altho they have yet to really make a breakthrough.

    Bottom line is, a lot of urban areas where the Dems have ruled unchallenged for years are proving to be fertile ground for the Greens.

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