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2008 LP Delegate Petition Calls for Treasurer to Apologize for Sharing Donor Data

Jim Reef is collecting signatures on a petition to be delivered to the Libertarian National Committee at this weekend’s business meeting in St. Louis. The petition reads in full:

To:  Libertarian National Committee
We, the delegates of the 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, do hereby direct the Libertarian National Committee to censure Aaron Starr for his release of confidential donor information in his memo entitled “Further Information in the Matter of R.

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Libertarians Take Aim At Sotomayor’s Anti-Gun Stance

The Libertarian Party is voicing it’s opposition to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, based on her stance on the Second Amendment.

In response to a question of whether or not there is a Constitutional right to self-defense, she stated, “I can’t think of one. I could be wrong.”

“The Libertarian Party is the only party that never compromises in its defense of our Second Amendment-guaranteed rights.… Read more ...

Libertarians say: Government (Regulation) Kills!

The Center for Libertarian Press Information is a collaborative effort of Libertarian Party members to provide the public with timely and accurate information on the Party’s principles, policy positions and activities. Their latest release follows:

The old adage “the operation was a success, but the patient died” is never more true than when government gets into the healthcare business.

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Socialist Party USA comments on events in Honduras, Iran

From The Socialist Webzine

In Solidarity with the People of Honduras

by the SPUSA National Action Committee

July 7, 2009 – The Socialist Party USA condemns the coup recently carried out in Honduras by the military and backed by a section of the Honduran elite. We call for the immediate reinstatement of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.… Read more ...

Libertarian Wendy Jones running for Delaware State Senate in August 3rd special election

Posted by Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian:

From Jim Rash, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware:

The Libertarian Party of Delaware is proud to announce that Gwendolyn (Wendy) Jones will run for the 19th Senate District in the special election to be held August 3rd on the Libertarian Party ticket.

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Libertarian National Committee to meet this weekend in St. Louis

Note that the agenda items and the times allotted for them can be changed by the committee, and are not final until approved by them in the meeting. This is a draft version that is circulating on several email lists.

Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
July 18-19, 2009 Meeting Agenda
St. Louis, Missouri

Saturday, July 18, 2009 & Sunday, July 19, 2009

Call to Order 8:30 AM

Moment of Reflection 1 minute
Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes
Credentials Report and Paperwork Check (Secretary) 5 minutes
Report of Potential Conflicts of Interest 5 minutes
Approval of the Agenda 5 minutes

Standing Reports
Chair’s Report 15 minutes
Treasurer’s Report 30 minutes
Secretary’s Report 10 minutes

Staff Report
Staff Reports 60 minutes
Counsel’s Report 15 minutes

Reports Previously Submitted in Writing
Campus Organizing Report (Lark) 5 minutes
Various Regions 5 minutes per

Action Items Not Previously Submitted in Writing – Old Business

Confidentiality Agreement (Held Over from Charleston) 15 minutes
Strategic Plan Review (Held Over from Charleston) 30 minutes

Action Items Previously Submitted in Writing – New Business
Credentials Committee Selection 20 minutes
Sean Haugh Formal Complaint to the LNC (Ruwart) 15 minutes
Resolution of Apology & Restitution (Hawkridge) 45 minutes

Action Items Not Previously Submitted in Writing – New Business
Sbcglobal.net email problems (Fox) 10 minutes
APRC (Ruwart) 10 minutes
Financial Records Confidentiality (Ruwart) 15 minutes
FEC Report Information Gathering (Hawkridge) 10 minutes
LNC Convention Committee Report (Colley) 30 minutes
Discipline—or not—of Steve LaBianca (Karlan) 15 minutes
Policy Manual Amendment (Karlan) 5 minutes
Bylaws Comm.… Read more ...

Huckabee, Limbaugh concerned by third-party talk surrounding Palin

Appearing on Fox News’ On The Record Tuesday evening, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee expressed concerns about the possibility that exiting Alaska governor Sarah Palin will “go third party or go independent.” Discussing a possible Palin presidential run in 2012, Huckabee — a likely GOP presidential candidate himself — said, “Whether she runs or not, she has an important voice, and I hope she remains — let me be real clear — a part of the Republican Party.… Read more ...

Michigan appeals court overturns Pinkney ruling

The AP reports that a Michigan appeals court overturned a ruling Wednesday that sent minister Edward Pinkney to prison for six months “after warning a judge that he could be tortured by God.” Pinkney “was convicted in 2007 of paying people $5 to vote in a recall election” in Benton Harbor, Michigan, “and was sentenced to probation.”

Pinkney later wrote in a Chicago newspaper that Judge Alfred Butzbaugh “could be punished by God with curses, fever and ‘extreme burning’ unless he repented, a reference to an Old Testament passage.” Another judge sent Pinkney “to prison for three to 10 years for violating probation with his words.… Read more ...