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New articles on Green Party Watch, with excerpts:

Kyrgyz Green Party Activist Beaten; News on Azerbaijani Green Party Posted by Walter

Unknown assailants have attacked an activist of Kyrgyzstan’s opposition Green Party and demanded that she withdraw documents she filed with the Central Election Commission, RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service reports.

Gulmira Asylbekova was beaten during the attack, and has filed an official complaint to the local police urging them to investigate the assault.

A week earlier, Asylbekova had monitored the country’s presidential election on July 23 and urged the Central Election Commission to note a number of violations she reported during the vote.

The leader of Kyrgyzstan’s Green Party, Erkin Bulekbayev, has been imprisoned for insulting President Kurmanbek Bakiev in April.

Source: Radio Free Europe

Also….news on the Azerbaijani Green Party….

Green demand constitutional changes for struggle against pollution of Baku

Azerbaijan Green Party is for peace talks with Armenia

BP Azerbaijan and Statoil accused of Caspian Sea pollution

Maine Green Independent Party and GOP Join Forces to Oppose Tax Reform Bill Posted by Walter

PORTLAND — The Maine Green Independent Party announced Tuesday that it would support Republican efforts on a people’s veto of a tax package passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. John Baldacci in June.

Green leaders said they are against the tax restructuring because they believe it hurts lower-income Mainers and makes the state’s system less progressive.

Pat LaMarche: Next time, you could try going Green Posted by Walter

During the 2008 election cycle, the Democrats told us that we didn’t get health care reform because the Republicans were in power. OK, the reason now that we don’t have health care reform now must be because the Democrats are in power. We all know that if they had the will, with substantial majorities in both houses and a president of the same party, they could pass anything they wanted.

On Forming a New Local Green Party Chapter Posted by Walter

Okay. Pretend you come across some Green Party literature one afternoon and you are excited about their policies such as their support for single payer health care and equal marriage to name a few. You want to get involved with your local Green Party but to your dismay you discover there isn’t one in your area. This is probably a situation that many Greens around the country find themselves in. What is a Green to do?

Answer. Start up a local GP chapter yourself!

This post is meant to be more of an open discussion on local organizing rather than a “how to guide” to forming a new local Green Party chapter. I am bringing this up because I am thinking of starting a local chapter in my area and I’m mulling over some of the details. Here are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to form a local GP chapter in your area.

Rich Whitney On the Illinois Budget Disaster: I Will Stand Up for the Public Sector Workers! Posted by Walter

Thanks to the utterly irresponsible budgetary decisions of the Democrats and Republicans in State government, our public sector workers – social service workers, transportation workers, correctional workers, child and family service workers, educators, park service workers and many more – are now facing the devastating consequences of severe cuts to the state budget. Job cuts, cuts in income, mandatory furloughs, heavier caseloads, more stressful working conditions, etc., will be imposed on thousands of these hard-working employees, many of whom have already endured the impact of terrible cuts in recent years.

8 thoughts on “Green Party Watch roundup

  1. Michael Cavlan

    Ah yes. GP Watch. Where the Committee to End Free Speech reigns. No voices of dissent allowed. Only happy, polly anna talk allowed there.

  2. Donald R Lake

    Michael Cavlan: Not only do I concur but a church or political organization does not grow by only ‘preaching to the choir’!

    paulie: Thank you for your saving grace! You are a guide and inspiration to thugs like ‘Internet Cop’ John ‘Kill the Reform Party’ Blare. Reminds me of religious fanatics when they love you as sinners and out siders, but as in siders you are given higher and higher bars to jump over.

  3. Michael Cavlan


    I know and thank you for it. It is horrifically ironic that it is yourself, a Libertarian who posts GP stuff here. since the GP seem to have no one willing to do it.

    To have been involved in the GP as long and as much as I have and watch it come crashing to the ground, in a self created death has been rough.

    Like I said, there are lessons to be learned here. For all of us that are serious about building an alternative to the pro war, corporate corrupted two party system.

  4. Donald R Lake

    I have been personally told by reform types that TPW and [to a lesser extent, IPR] was tough to deal with and not all that interested in non Lib, non Bible Thumping, non conservative [Classical Liberalism], contributions. They talked the talk, but did not get around to walking the walk …….]

    Greens are their own worst enemies. In 2005 I was personally contacted by California Greens that because of the WONDERFUL abused veterans issues work of the Reform Party of California [think: Jeff Rainforth] and the independent fact that state confab [in Moore Park, LA County] had authorized the creation of a ‘Abused Veterans Working Group’ and also in the 2005 National enclave in/ near Tucson [Arizona].

    Tons of work was done by the Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, per GPCa instructions, for both South Lake Tahoe [California] and Tucson. As a group of broken down disabled military veterans, we could not get one of our own to attend in person [as none greens] and shepherd the paper work. We depended on greens to finish the job.

    _______________________ [you fill in the blanks …… for both/ either confab ……]

    ‘For all of us whom are serious about building an alternative …….’ All three or four hundred of us nation wide ?????? Don’t count many reformers [Gypies , Tramps and Theives] or greens [or Libertarian —— Barr ??????? —– Debating Society types] to TRULY fit that description!

    The Dems [Gore ?????? Israel First Lieberman ?????? Scarey Kerry ??????? John Mister Fidelity Edwards ????????] !

    The GOP, the rich white guys whom could not lie straight ?????? Nixon, Ford, Big Government Reagan, Bush League I, President Chaney, Bush League II ??????

  5. paulie Post author

    I have been personally told by reform types that TPW and [to a lesser extent, IPR] was tough to deal with and not all that interested in non Lib, non Bible Thumping, non conservative [Classical Liberalism], contributions.

    Complete BS. I have actively recruited from Greens to write here (some successfully, some refused, some vetoed by Trent), and have posted as many or almost as many articles about Greens and Nader as about LP myself.

    We have had several Green or ex-Green writers, and as for “Bible Thumpers” we have had a lot less CP coverage than LP or GP, and our first “thumper” (Cody) just signed up recently and has not posted much yet.

    Personally, had I voted it would have been either McKinney or Barr, not Baldwin. Greens are easily my second choice party, not Constitutionalists.

    Classical liberals are not conservative. My key issues are peace and civil liberties, and I also oppose corporatism.


    Rothbard’s “Left and Right”: Forty Years Later

    Libertarianism: Left or Right?

  6. Donald R Lake

    Gary: with all of their faults, and I have a long list of them, Greens at least know that they do not ‘own’ every broad based political blog, like some illiterate, thick skulled, big headed Libertarians named Gary!

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