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Libertarians: What about a beer for the 911 caller?

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As President Obama invited Henry Gates and James Crowley to the White House for a beer to help the conversation about race relations in the United States, he neglected to ask Lucia Whalen, the 911 caller in the incident that sparked a flurry of worldwide media attention.… Read more ...

San Francisco Libertarians Ask California Newspapers to Use “Top-Two”, not “Open Primary”, to Describe 2010 Ballot Measure

In June 2010, California voters will decide on a ballot measure that would change California elections to a system referred to by newspapers as the “open primary.” The officials of the San Francisco Libertarian Party sent a letter to most California newspapers asking that they refer to it as the “top two” primary, rather than the “open primary.”

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Coverage varies on the release of FEC 2008 election results

from an opinion piece by IPR Contributor Kimberly Wilder at Onthewilderside.com:

FEC releases 2008 prez/congressional vote count: mixed media response

Ballot Access News is a site which focuses on why and how independent and third party candidates have so many ballot access hurdles to overcome. So, when the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) released its report on votes in the 2008 US Presidential race and Congressional races this week, Ballot Access covered the story in a straightforward way, and the FEC link was given.

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FEC releases official popular vote count from 2008 presidential election

The Federal Election Commission has released its “2008 presidential popular vote summary for all candidates listed on at least one state ballot.” The results:

  • Barack Obama (Democrat) 69,498,516 [52.93%]
  • John McCain (Republican) 59,948,323 [45.65%]
  • Ralph Nader (Independent, Peace and Freedom) 739,034 [0.56%]
  • Bob Barr (Libertarian) 523,715 [0.40%]
  • Chuck Baldwin (Constitution/Reform/U.S. Taxpayers) 199,750 [0.15%]
  • Cynthia McKinney (Green, Independent, Mountain) 161,797 [0.12%]
  • Write-In (Miscellaneous) 112,597 [0.09%]
  • Alan Keyes (America’s Independent) 47,746 [0.04%]
  • Ron Paul (Constitution, Louisiana Taxpayers) 42,426 [0.03%]
  • Gloria La Riva (Socialism and Liberation) 6,818 [0.01%]
  • Brian Moore (Liberty Union, Socialist) 6,538
  • None of These Candidates [Nevada only] 6,267
  • Róger Calero (Socialist Workers) 5,151
  • Richard Duncan (Independent) 3,905
  • James Harris (Socialist Workers) 2,424
  • Charles Jay (Boston Tea Party/Independent) 2,422
  • John Joseph Polachek (New) 1,149
  • Frank Edward McEnulty (Unaffiliated) 829
  • Jeffrey J.
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