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Green Jeremy Cloward running for Congress in Special Election September 1st, CA-10

Linked from the front page of GP.org:


“Hello, my name is Jeremy Cloward and I am running for the 10th Congressional District seat of California. I am running because the issues that are important to all of us, healthcare, education, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, need to be addressed by people and a party that are actually willing to address them.… Read more ...

New issue of Liberty for America magazine

Email from George Phillies:

Liberty for America magazine Table of Contents, now on the internet at http://LibertyforAmerica.com

Liberty for America and Its Fine Friends Now Offer
Your Monthly Step for Liberty
Alvin See Reports on the ‘Visit Town Hall’ Step Ladies of Liberty Alliance Forms
News from Liberty for Maine
Forming Your Own “Liberty for” Organization
A New Libertarian Primer
Roger Gary for National Treasurer
Support AntiWar.Com Without Giving
Alternative Organizational Structure:
The Campaign4Liberty
St.… Read more ...

Green Party Watch update

A selection of recent articles on Green Party Watch:

Help Billy get on the ballot! Posted by Dave Schwab

The Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor of NYC petition drive is entering its final week. Billy’s team has gathered the 7,500 signatures they officially need to put him on the ballot as the Green Party’s candidate, but they are still short of the 20,000 signatures that will protect Billy from being kicked off the ballot by a challenge.

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Bob Barr’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution Article – National ID Card Still A Bad Idea

National ID card still a bad idea
by Bob Barr
as published in The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad ideas have a habit of hanging around our nation’s Capitol, where legislators and bureaucrats hope that they will ripen with the passage of time. Thus it has been with the REAL ID Act, passed by the Congress in 2005 with virtually no debate.… Read more ...

Libertarians to Democrats: Call off the thugs

Press release posted at LP.org:

White House orders Dems to ‘punch back’ as union organizers attack citizens

WASHINGTON — America’s third largest party Friday called on Democrats to end what appears to be a budding campaign of union violence targeted at citizens who differ with the White House at town hall meetings across the country.… Read more ...

Chris Hedges: “We owe Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party an apology”

Thanks to Ian Wilder at onthewilderside for the tip.

(excerpts from)  Truth Dig
Nader Was Right: Liberals are Going Nowhere With Obama
Chris Hedges

…We owe Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party an apology. They were right. If a few million of us had had the temerity to stand behind our ideals rather than our illusions and the empty slogans peddled by the Obama campaign we would have a platform.

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Nader comments on financial sector: Economists listen

The group TOES (The Other Economic Summit) is a non-partisan forum which studies and advocates for just, sustainable and humane economics.  The following Ralph Nader commentary, as published at Common Dreams, was recently posted by a member to the TOES discussion forum:

Full commentary at Nader.org
Faulty Forecasting
Ralph Nader / Friday, August 7.… Read more ...