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Socialist Workers Party runs slate in New York City

The Militant reports on the Socialist Workers Party’s three candidates in New York City this year: “For mayor: Dan Fein, 64, a veteran trade unionist who works at a garment plant in Brooklyn. For public advocate: Maura DeLuca, 30, a unionist and sewing-machine operator. For Manhattan borough president: Tom Baumann, 23, formerly a meatpacking worker, now a student at Hunter College and active in the Young Socialists.… Read more ...

Former Green U.S. House candidate seeks meeting with ex-rival

Michigan news website MLive.com reports 2008 Green Party U.S. House candidate Erik Shelley has “posted a series of YouTube videos documenting his repeated and failed attempts to set up a town hall or personal meeting” with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter to discuss health care legislation.

Shelley received 5,072 in his 2008 run in Michigan’s 11th District, finishing behind McCotter, Democrat Joseph Larkin, and Libertarian John Tatar, who received 6,001 votes.… Read more ...

Libertarians: Obama promises of postal system-style health care fail to deliver

Press release from LPHQ posted at LP.org:

President seeks to assure voters by promising health care will be run like the mail

WASHINGTON — America’s third largest party Wednesday took aim at comments made by President Barack Obama in a New Hampshire press event Tuesday, in which he took questions from a pre-selected audience.… Read more ...

On The Wilder Side: No clear line between Corporation and Working Families Party

On The Wilder Side:

Kevin Finnegan Admits No Clear Line Between WFP And DFS
In WNYC interview, lawyer who set up secretive company admits “there’s no firewalls” between party and for-profit

Kevin Finnegan, the lawyer who set up the secretive company called Data and Field Services which is owned by the Working Families Party, appeared on WNYC Tuesday to respond to City Hall’s extensive investigative report about the depth of connections between the non-profit party and for-profit company, admitting during the interview that as for the line between WFP and DFS, “there’s no firewalls.”

Read entire article.… Read more ...

Neil Kiernan Stephenson: ‘Formation of Resource Based Economy Caucus’ in the BTP.

Posted by request from Neil Stephenson

Resource-Based Economy Caucus formed in the Boston Tea Party.

On Wednesday, August 12th 2009 Neil Kiernan Stephenson, a member of the Boston Tea Party’s national committee announced the formation of a new caucus on his blog at Bostontea.us. An excerpt of this post follows:

“Due to the recent changes in my political ideology, I have decided to form a caucus that is in line with my ideas.… Read more ...

Damon Eris: ‘A Rough Guide to the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere’

Posted by Damon Eris at Poli-Tea:

Is there such a thing as the third party and independent blogosphere? A web search for “third party blogosphere” returns less than ten results. Certainly there are innumerable blogs devoted to third party and independent politics across the political spectrum, but taken together they lack the cohesion characteristic of the networks dedicated to pushing the Democratic and Republican Parties and the two-party system.… Read more ...

David Boaz: Independent libertarian voters abandoning Obama?

David Boaz of Cato, quoted by Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian. While the article discusses small-l libertarians choosing among the perceived lesser evil among the two largest parties, the clear tendency of both of those parties against freedom on all sets of issues has clear implications for considering other alternatives:

Libertarian—or fiscally conservative, socially liberal—voters are often torn between their aversions to the Republicans’ social conservatism (and, for some of them, military adventurism) and the Democrats’ fiscal irresponsibility.… Read more ...

Nader Ballot Access Case in Hawaii Begins to Move Forward

Posted by Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On August 6, the 9th circuit issued an order setting a briefing schedule for Nader v Cronin, 08-16444. The issue in the case is whether a state may require six times as many signatures for a single independent presidential candidate as it requires for an entire ballot-qualified party.… Read more ...

Austin Petersen: ‘My Goodbye Letter to the Libertarian Party’

Posted at LP blog

By: Austin Petersen

A little over two years ago I stood in a crowded nightclub surrounded by screaming New Yorkers watching millions of dollars pour into the campaign coffers of Congressman Ron Paul. It was December 16th, the night of the first real Tea Party. As the deafening crowd roared their approval, I stood back with my video camera taping the events so that I could show the world what happened there.… Read more ...

Greens: Dems’ town hall meetings & phony health reform deserve civil protest


For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@gp.org

Greens: Democrats’ town meetings on health care reform deserve debate
and civil protest, not disruption and mob violence

• Serving the health insurance lobby, both Republicans and Democrats
have tried to shut down open discussion on single-payer, promote phony
reform, and spread disinformation; whether Democrats or Republicans
win the health care debate, Americans will lose, say Greens

• Greens urge Americans who support real health reform to contact
Congress members in support of single-payer (HR 676)

• Greens mourn the deaths of two single-payer heroes: Marilyn Clement
and Nick Skala

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders spoke out today against the
violent disruptions taking place throughout the US at town hall
meetings on health care reform.… Read more ...

Youtube video ad: Green David Pechefsky for New York City Council District 29

Previously posted on Green Party Watch and On The Wilder Side:

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Brian Holtz: ‘Towards A St. Louis Accord’ for the Libertarian Party

In addition to writing for IPR, Brian Holtz is a former state committee member and repeat candidate for public office in California, holds a seat on a town board, and was the prime author/compiler of the current Libertarian Party platform. This first appeared at Libertarian Intelligence. Additional ideas for a St.Read more ...