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Independent candidates for NYC Mayor: Bloomberg, Rev. Billy and Naked Cowboy

Elizabeth Benjamin of Daily Politics reports on all the independent petitions filed on time, in person, for Mayor of New York City. Candidates may file by mail, so there is some chance that more petitions may arrive in the next few days. It appears that the Libertarian candidate for Mayor, Joseph Dobrian, has not yet filed.… Read more ...

Is NY’s Working Families the Rent Is Too Damn Low Party?

In New York State, the Working Families Party[WFP] is a third party with automatic ballot status. The WFP is among some third parties which have been criticized for using the “fusion” approach a lot, ie: cross-endorsing major party candidates instead of running their own candidates.

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Is Working Families the Rent Is Too Damn Low Party?*

posted by Ian Wilder

Quotation from City Hall article:

Erratic Reported Rent Payments From WFP Mark Last Decade

Average of just $1,486 per month for offices, one check for rent written to “401 K PMTs”

The Working Families Party may have worked on behalf of New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet while dealing with the city’s famously high rents, but the party has apparently not had to worry much about its own rent payments.

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Peace and Freedom Party seeks California same-sex marriage referendum in 2010

Stewart Alexander, the 2008 Socialist Party USA vice presidential nominee and an activist in California’s Peace and Freedom Party, writes at Bay Area Indymedia that the “leadership within the Peace and Freedom Party wants a measure to support same-sex marriage on the ballot in 2010.” He writes, “There is a strategic and political risk in waiting until 2012 to put same-sex marriage on the ballot.… Read more ...

Tennessee Constitution Party state House candidate profiled

Tennessee’s Shelbyville Times-Gazette profiles Chris Brown, a Constitution Party member running for the 62nd District Tennessee House of Representatives seat in an election to be held on October 13. Because of difficult ballot access laws for minor parties, Brown will be listed on the ballot as an independent.

Brown said, “Third party candidates almost never get named on the ballot as a nominee of their particular party.… Read more ...

Green-backed independent running for Rochester mayor

13WHAM.com of Rochester, New York, reports that Alex White, “an independent endorsed by the Green Party,” has entered the race for mayor of that city. He “vows to return to community policing and eliminate all police overtime. He says he would further reduce costs by naming fewer political appointees and by creating a public electric utility.” On Tuesday, he “filed the 173 pages of signatures necessary to get on the ballot to run for mayor.” He will “learn on Friday whether his petitions are valid or whether they will be challenged.”… Read more ...

Socialist Equality Party criticizes Detroit mayor

The Socialist Equality Party issued a statement criticizing Detroit Mayor David Bing for calling on “the city’s 13,000 employees to accept pay cuts of 10 to 20 percent through furloughs and workweek reductions.” The SEP said, “The demands of this multimillionaire businessman for ‘sacrifice’ from workers should be rejected with contempt.… Read more ...